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Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits

No matter how old your home is, you should have ground fault interrupt circuits, or GFCIs, in every room. GFCIs help keep the people in your home safe from electrocution be detecting ground faults and interrupting a current if its flow is altered.

The Importance of Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits in Southern New Jersey

About 300 people die each year due to electrocutions caused by outlets that have been poorly installed. Take that risk out of the equation by having GFCIs professionally installed throughout your home. A GFCI is installed into an outlet to detect if a ground fault has occurred. A ground fault occurs when current deviates from its intended path, such as between the source of the current and a surface. The GFCI will interrupt that current, and turn off the electricity for that circuit.

Ungrounded and Grounded Outlets in Southern New Jersey

Unless you’re an expert, you basically have no idea how to tell the difference between a grounded and ungrounded electrical outlet. If you only see two holes instead of three, or your outlet doesn’t have a “smiley face,” it is ungrounded.

You’ll typically see ungrounded outlets in homes built before 1960. The problem really isn’t with the outlet itself; rather, it’s with the two-conductor wring inside of the outlet. At the time, that was considered the proper way to wire. However, these two-prong outlets were eventually phased out as safety awareness increased and technology advanced. They were replaced by three-prong outlets.

Updating Your Electrical Outlets in Southern New Jersey

A three-prong receptacle is considered the safest type of outlet. By installing a GFCI to each outlet, you are adding a level of safety. We can come to your home, re-wire each of your outlets with a new, grounded circuit, and re-wire each outlet from there. This will guarantee that your outlets meet current code and safety standards and are completely grounded.

Call Raynor Electric today to schedule an appointment, and we will make your home’s electrical outlets as safe as possible.

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