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Fuse Box Upgrade

Fuse boxes are built to last a very long time, but they can wear out just like anything else. If you see signs of wear such as burn or rust marks, call Raynor Electric as soon as you can to get a fuse box upgrade. We will take care of your upgrade quickly, and make your home’s electrical system a great deal safer.

Once we perform the upgrade, one of our technicians will tell you exactly how to keep your fuse box in good shape. We will make sure that you know the scope of the work, and its cost, before that work begins.

How Fuse Boxes Work in Southern New Jersey

Your home’s electrical system is referred to as a “closed loop” system, meaning that electricity flows through the system to your appliances, electronics, and lights. If your power demands cannot safely be met, your fuse box protects your home by cutting off power before any damage occurs.

This happens when the fuse’s metal strip melts, thus interrupting the circuit. Until that fuse is replaced, the circuit will not work. You don’t need to worry too much if this happens only once in a while. If it happens more frequently, however, that probably means your fuse box can no longer regulate electricity properly. If this is the case, you must replace it as quickly as possible.

Why Upgrading a Fuse Box is Important in Southern New Jersey

The obvious answer is to increase the safety of your home. Unless your fuse box has degraded substantially, an upgrade can usually be performed in a day. The process will take longer if the wiring to the box, and from the box to major appliances, must be replaced.

You should have a trained professional inspect your fuse box regularly, even if it is working properly. At Raynor Electric, we will check for excessive rust, damage from blown fuses, or signs that power surges have occurred. We will let you know if a circuit breaker would be a better option, or if your fuse box needs to be repaired or upgraded.

Make sure your job is done right the first time by calling the professionals with Raynor Electric.

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