AC Summer Tips: Saving Energy & Money While Still Staying Cool!

Let’s be honest, your AC unit is a blessing and a curse. It keeps you cool on those hot summer days and those humid nights, but it can also cause your electric bill to skyrocket. Here at Raynor Electric, our first priority is our customers, so we wanted to give you some helpful tips on staying cool and saving money this summer. 

Cool Down Your Spending Costs Tips!

  • Lower Your AC At Night: Did you know that the optimal sleeping conditions are between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit? But this does not mean you need to crank the AC at night, instead use your thermostat to maintain a consistently cool temperature throughout the entire day. Bonus: Your unit will actually be more efficient in the cooler temperature!
  • Invest In a Newer, Efficient Model: If you’ve had your unit for while or you have one that has not been properly maintained, it’s actually more cost effective to invest in a newer model. While it may seem expensive at first, it will save you more money in the long run (Energy Star HVAC units use 50% less energy than other manufacturers!)
  • Service Your Unit: We can not stress this one enough! If you do not want to be stuck constantly buying a new unit or spending a long summer sweating, you need to properly and routinely maintain your unit. Seeds from plants and trees in your backyard can drop into your filter which will only make your unit work harder (and, you guessed it- cost you more money for electric!)
  • Invest in Plants: Did you know, most of your home’s heat comes directly from the sun shining through a window or onto the roof? Planting leafy trees around your house or building’s exterior will stop the sun from heating up your house. Additionally, if the trees or shrubs shade your Air Conditioning unit, you could increase your efficiency by up to 10 percent, according to the U.S Department of Energy.
  • Pay Attention To Humidity: During the summer it’s okay to put your AC fan speed on high except on especially humid days. On those humid days,  place your fan speed on slow. This slower air movement will help remove the moisture from the air, improving you and your family’s comfort!
  • Rearrange Your Furniture: Not only will this give your home a fresh look just in time for the new season, but it will help keep your home cool. Furniture that obstructs air conditioning vents means that you are keeping your sofa cool instead of yourself!
  • Turn Off Those Lights: Turning off electrical lights can help reduce your heat and will also help lower that electric bill!

Raynor Services wants to make sure you stay comfortable all summer long which is why we are offering $47.50 off any AC services after the diagnostic and dispatch fee! Offer is for a limited time only (expiring 7/15/18) so take advantage of these great savings today!





Beat the Heat With an AC Tune-up


ac tune up special 2018

Benefits of an AC Tune-up

Your air conditioner needs to be professionally inspected at least once a year. This is especially important before the hot spring and summer weather arrives. A professional tune up allows an experienced cooling technician to get an in depth look at your machine. From there, they will be able to identify any areas of concern and how to fix or replace them. If you give your AC a little TLC once or twice a year, it will help to extend its lifespan to keep you cool for years to come. 

Benefits of an AC Tune-up

Reduced stress on your AC. If your AC is working inefficiently, it can cause cooling problems throughout your home. An inefficient AC means that your system is working overtime in order to meet your cooling needs. It’s also using more electricity to function, which can cause your electric bill to skyrocket.

  • Improved air quality and overall health. Did you know that an old or damaged air conditioner can negatively impact the air quality in your home? Debris like dust, pet dander, or mold can build up in your equipment or duct system. Not only can this worsen asthma symptoms, it can cause other breathing related illnesses to pop up.
  • Higher efficiency. An inefficient air conditioner uses far more electricity than it should. A tune-up will allow it to run safely and efficiently.
  • Lower utility bills. Has there been a drastic spike in your electric bill? If you have noticed an increase, it could be the result of your air conditioner. A professional tune-up could help you keep your money in your pocket.
  • Better cooling and increased comfort. No one likes when it’s uncomfortably hot, but extreme heat can be dangerous for some. The young and the elderly are especially at risk, so it’s important that your home stays cool in the heat. After a tune-up, your cooling system will be able to keep your home effortlessly cool and comfortable.

Why Choose Raynor?

People often procrastinate when it comes to having their AC tune- Having your air conditioner professionally serviced now will prevent small issues from becoming major (and majorly expensive!) ones later. A Raynor Tune-up includes:

  • Fans thoroughly inspected to ensure proper air distribution.
  • Freon checked for correct charge and to ensure no leaks.
  • Duct work Checked for Leaks
  • Thermostats checked and re-calibrated as necessary.
  • Bearings and motors inspected for proper lubrication.
  • Safeties and controls checked and tested as required.
  • Condensate Drain checked for Obstruction.
  • Contactors and relays inspected for faults.
  • Electrical disconnect and AC unit wiring thoroughly inspected and tested.
  • If applicable, humidifier operation is tested.
  • Internal pressures and temperatures are recorded.
  • Evaporator coil is checked for proper operation and cleanliness.
  • Inspect air filters for cleanliness
  • Condenser coils inspected and checked for functionality.
  • Provide an inspection report detailing irregular conditions and necessary repairs or service.

Check out our AC Tune-up specials, and call Raynor today to schedule an appointment! 

Getting Your AC Ready for Spring

It may still be cool outside, but Spring is right around the corner! When you start your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget about your air conditioner. In order to keep it working properly and efficiently throughout the warmer months, it may need some TLC from you and Raynor Electric.

There are several things that you can do on your own to help keep your cooling system happy, but it should always be followed by a professional inspection for safety and comfort purposes. Before the heat arrives, you should consider the following to get your AC ready for Spring: 

Inspect the Unit

Before you start the system, make sure to remove the cover, coil blanket or lid of the air conditioning unit. Take a peek at the outdoor unit panel, which is designed to enclose the electrical connections and must be in place to help protect you and the system. If you notice any loose or broken connections, don’t mess with it on your own. For your own safety, and the wellbeing of your cooling system, call one of our qualified technicians to come and take a look. 

Remove any Debris and Grit

Depending on where you live or what side of the house your system is located on, you might find leaves, sticks, or other debris blown into the coil. The system condenser coils are designed to transfer heat, and any debris limits this effect. To get the best possible performance from your system, remove this debris from the coil and surrounding area. While mulching or gardening in the spring, take care to not pack mulch around the base of the unit. This is especially true for heat pumps as there’s likely a space under the unit and this should always be kept open to allow good air-flow to the outdoor unit. If you use clever methods to hide your A/C, make sure they’re not blocking air-flow.

Change the Air Filters

The change in seasons is usually a good time to replace your indoor air filters. Especially after a bitter winter where it’s likely that your indoor air filter will have gathered a lot more debris and dust than normal, you should be sure to change the filter before the cooling season. 

Examine the Drainage Hose

This hose (usually plastic) can also be called the “condensate line”. Since the coil’s temperature is lower than the ambient air, water will condense on the coil and drip into the tray below. This condensate needs to flow to a drain or the tray will fill up and flood the unit or potentially spill water into your basement. Check to make sure the line is in the proper place, attached, and will drain to the appropriate location. 

Turn on the Unit 

After going through the check list, wait for a nice, hot day when you have some time to check the air coming out of the indoor vents for the first few minutes after starting it, and then every few hours throughout the day. After the first few minutes, you should feel cool air coming out of the registers. If no air is coming out, or if the air coming out does not feel cool, then something is wrong and you should immediately turn the system off at the thermostat.

The Importance of Professional Maintenance 

You can go through the check list one more time and then try it again. If the problem persists, turn the system off and call a good HVAC contractor who can examine the unit further. Leaving the system turned on when it’s not running properly can do a lot of damage. It never hurts to ask an HVAC professional to help diagnose the problems if your system is not working properly. If there are any cracks, faults, leaks, or areas of concern in your cooling system, they will need to be addressed by a professional. For instance, the suction line, a large copper pipe on the outdoor unit that provides a refrigerant to the compressor. If the suction pipe has damaged insulation, there could be a loss of required coolant to the outdoor unit.

A professional inspection and tune-up will help your system in more ways that one. It will help your system work more efficiently, saving you money on your electric bill. It will also prevent any major malfunctions in the future, guaranteeing you cool comfort all summer long! 

Let Raynor Electric help you stay cool this summer – call and schedule your AC inspection today! 

Close up for Winter and Prepare for Spring Safely with an AC Tune Up and Furnace Maintenance!

The groundhog may have seen his shadow, but the temperatures of Spring have already started to bloom. Ensuring that your home is properly maintained is important for making sure that your furnace is correctly tucked in for the warmer seasons and your AC unit is ready to fire up when the hot weather arrives. Let Raynor help you with understanding why and how you can make sure your home and family are safe. 

Why Raynor?

Raynor Electric has been the local industry leader in delivering quality service to the Medford, New Jersey area for many years. Our qualified technicians handle everything from solar power installation and generator maintenance to heating and air conditioning. Anything electric is our business – and your safety and comfort are our priority. Our uniformed staff will help you understand the services we provide, supply you with upfront pricing, and keep your home clean in the process. 

Furnace Maintenance and an AC Tune Up: The Winning Combination!

Closing up for winter is important to help you maintain the life expectancy of your appliances and minimize the wear and tear. Why not combine this with an AC Tune Up? This combination is an efficient way to take care of both services with a technician who is familiar with both. You’ll be able to understand exactly what may be necessary to prolong the lifespan of both your furnace and your air conditioner. 

Furnace Maintenance is an important step to take care of to make sure that your heating elements are not under stress as they “grow cold” during the warming weather and summer months. Waiting until fall could mean that your filtration systems become overloaded. By shutting down your heating with a furnace maintenance appointment, you can be sure that none of the details will be missed and you’ll be ready to go once you need it again in the fall. 

In the same breath, your air conditioner is about to have to move to full tilt here shortly. Making sure that your air conditioner has enough freon, your refrigerant’s systems are all tuned and tightened, and your filters are making sure that the collected dust doesn’t make its way into your indoor air. 

Both systems have a direct impact on the quality of your indoor air. Both furnace maintenance and AC Tune Ups involve cleaning or replacing your air filters if necessary. With more hazards and pollutants than ever, Raynor knows that the comfort and safety of your air is in our hands. Many publications and news outlets have started publicizing the effects of our air on our quality of life – you can read more about the hazards here . This means it is particularly important to have a licensed professional handle your system’s needs! 

Why is this Important?

Furnace Maintenance will involve calibrating your thermostat, checking your thermocouple, and tightening all your connections – and that’s only three of the 15+ things on the entire list! A furnace maintenance appointment will make sure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible. But why is this important?

  • Maintains the Safety and Comfort of your home
  • Saves money on your bills by promoting efficiency
  • Catches problems before they become an emergency

Before you turn on your AC…

An AC Tune up is just that – a way to make sure a professional is on hand to oversee your system as it stretches its legs in the beginning of the warmer season. When you schedule an AC tune up, your system will get inspected by a licensed professional to help you avoid emergencies down the line. In addition to prevention, this also gets a professional into your home to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered and your system isn’t costing you more in heating and cooling bills than it should. 

Raynor’s team is standing by to help you get your furnace and air conditioner tuned up as the seasons are transitioning. Call us today to schedule an AC Tune Up!

3 Reasons to Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner in Cherry Hill, NJ Before the Summer Ends

If you love the summertime, you may be a little saddened to know the season will be ending soon. That means no more cookouts, no more poolside relaxation, and the days will starting getting shorter. Additionally, that also means no air conditioning due to the outdoor temperatures cooling down. Homeowners will usually just pack up their cooling system and not think about it for another seven months but before that time comes, it’s important to maintain your central air conditioner in Cherry Hill, NJ when the season reaches its end.

Raynor will be available at any time to help maintain your central air conditioner so the summer ends on the right note. We’ll take a close look at your air conditioning, even the smaller, hard-to-find areas of the system, to detect problems in their earliest stages. We also conduct tests and make any repair to ensure your air conditioning will keep working the summer’s last few hot days. It’s all about making sure you have a steady flow of cool air and when it comes to keeping you 100% satisfied, our technicians are truly top-notch.

Why Should You Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner in Cherry Hill, NJ?

This time of year is the best for maintenance on your central air conditioner, especially when doing it now can guarantee:

  1. Cool Air for Next Summer: Maintaining your central air conditioner now will save from the hassle of calling for maintenance next spring. By the time next summer rolls around, all you will need to do is turn on your air conditioning. No replacement, no installation, no repair. Your cooling system will be ready to go in no time.
  2. Better Indoor Air Quality: Summer’s final weeks are still marked by higher levels of humidity that will decrease your indoor air quality and leave you without a breath of fresh air. Maintenance will ensure the indoor air in your home for the remainder of the season is healthy and breathable, as your central air conditioner will continue to eliminate high humidity levels.
  3. Greater Savings: Since we stop air conditioning problems before they worsen, you will save so much money on any future repair or replacement services. Your central air conditioner will continue to work without interruption so you can enjoy high-quality cool air without any high repair costs.

Contact Raynor today if you want one of our technicians to maintain your central air conditioner in Cherry Hill, NJ!

How Can You Find the Right Technician for AC Repair in Medford, NJ?

While we can’t stress the importance of AC repair in Medford, NJ enough, you also need the right technician for the job. Calling for AC repair is one thing, but you need to make sure you’re calling up a technician who is licensed, reputable, and will put the best foot forward in ensuring repair is done to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, there are some bad eggs out there who will promise you the world, but can’t necessarily provide you with the service you need. You may be left paying a high amount on repair even though your AC doesn’t, well, seem repaired at all.

Fortunately, the team at Raynor has your back. We have a team of fully-trained technicians who can provide AC repair in Medford, NJ that is worth your money. They can lead you down the right path and far away from any scam service companies looking to make a quick buck with lower quality repair. We’ll even show you the steps to take when you’re looking for service you can trust and if it’s trustworthiness you seek, you won’t find a service more reliable than Raynor.

AC Repair in Medford, NJ: Tips for Finding Technicians

The next time you need AC repair in Medford, NJ, you scope out the right technician to hire for service by taking the following steps:

  • Research the BBB: When in doubt about which technician to hire, check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for customer reviews. The BBB website will reveal if there are any customer complaints of a technician’s service and provide insight on which service companies you should avoid at all costs.
  • Check for Licensing: Your chosen technician must absolutely be licensed to ensure AC repair is done with upmost technical precision. There are some handymen out there who may have some knowledge on how to repair your AC but since they’re not licensed, they’re more likely to make mistakes during the repair process and leave you paying more for lesser quality service.
  • Seek Referrals: Do you know of any friends or neighbors who just received AC repair? You may want to ask them for referrals on a technician who will be able to provide you with high-quality service. Like the Beatles once sang, you get by with a little help from your friends, even with referrals for AC technicians.
  • Check the Website: If applicable, check your service company’s website online to determine if they can provide with a technician who can provide the repair service you need. You also need to check if they have experience servicing your brand of air conditioner so the technician can make the right repairs accordingly.

Contact Raynor today if you need high-quality AC repair in Medford, NJ and we can provide a highly-trained, licensed technician for service!

Why It’s Important to Call for AC Repair in Cherry Hill, NJ Right Now

When the summer sun is beating down, your air conditioner is the most valuable piece of equipment you own. You need to know that it will keep you cool regardless of what the outside temperature is, and that means AC repair in Cherry Hill, NJ is a top priority. As an experienced HVAC contractor, Raynor is committed to helping home and business owners maintain efficient and functional air conditioners. They know it’s easy to put off certain air conditioner repairs, but they’ve seen first-hand how seemingly small issues quickly turn into costly emergencies. Here are three reasons why you should never wait to call for professional AC repair in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Your Electric Bill

You may have been prepared for your electric bill to increase once you started using your air conditioner for the summer, but when your air conditioner isn’t operating at its fullest potential, it’s wasting your money. A malfunctioning air conditioner is forced to work harder than usual in order to maintain the comfortable interior temperature you’re used to. As it strains to keep up with your cooling demands, it will suck up mass amounts of electricity. The longer you wait for AC repair, the higher your electric bill will be.

Your AC’s Lifespan

The average air conditioner has a lifespan of 12-15 years, but that timeframe can be seriously shortened by ongoing operational issues. As your AC draws in more energy to keep up with your demands, it will also wear out sooner. Air conditioners aren’t cheap, and most homeowners agree that the longer they can go without replacing it, the better. Fixing problems as soon as they arise will help your air conditioner live a long, useful life.

Your Repair Bills

Air conditioners don’t repair themselves, and eventually, you’ll need to hire a professional to solve your AC issues. The only real question you face is when you’re going to make that call. If you decide to wait, the issue will get worse with each passing day. That leak will get larger and those banging sounds will get louder, and all of that means your repair bill will be higher. Most AC repair issues start relatively small and easy to fix but grow into bigger, more expensive problems overtime. By solving the problem now, you’re doing everything you can to save money.

With over 20 years of professional HVAC experience, Raynor knows what it takes to keep your AC up and running. To learn more about AC repair in Cherry Hill, NJ call them today and speak with one of their HVAC experts. You can also make requesting service easy and convenient by visiting their website.

Pay Attention to These Warning Signs You Need AC Repair in Marlton, NJ!

You’ve obviously seen the weather reports lately. It’s all hot temperatures, sunshine, and no rain in sight. You and your family are basking in the cool air from your ever-reliable AC to escape the heat. But here’s one thing you may have not considered before: what happens if your cooling system suddenly breaks down? Would you simply allow that molten summertime heat to overtake your home? Of course not, especially with your family’s comfort on the line. That’s why you should make a point this summer to consider AC repair in Marlton, NJ. One small problem with your cooling system can prove incredibly damaging to its lifespan.

But when should you call for repair? What sorts of things should you notice about your air conditioning? Allow the team at Raynor Electric to help you. We can ensure you receive AC repair in Marlton, NJ from one of our licensed, fully-trained technicians. Our repairs are speedy and durable so you’ll have new and improved air conditioning in your home as soon as possible. We’ll even show what signs you should notice with your AC so you know to call for our services immediately!

When Should You Call Raynor for AC Repair in Marlton, NJ?

Please pay attention to any of the following when you begin to suspect that your AC is in desperate need of repair:

  • Loud, strange noises such as squealing, grinding, or grating indicate a problem with your AC’s internal components. Your AC ideally shouldn’t be making any noises, so it’s time to call for repair to avoid a massive system breakdown.
  • Slow startup time. Any time longer than a few minutes is exactly is means for concern. Your Ac should be turning on within moments, so call for repair to receive cool air immediately when you need it the most.
  • Poor air flow. Not feeling like your AC is delivering the amount of cool air like it should? Then it may have something to do with air filters being blocked by dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Air conditioning leaks. Leaks are usually due to clogged condenser tubes or leaking refrigerant. You may notice moisture forming around the area of your air conditioner and refusal to clean it up may result in water damage or lower efficiency.
  • Musty odors. Mustiness will often come with the excess levels of moisture around your home brought on by leaks. This can greatly take away from your indoor air quality which will require repairs that both improve cooling and keep the air in your home smelling fresh.

Contact Raynor Electric today if you need AC repair in Marlton, NJ for improve home cooling, especially if you notice any of these signs!

4 Things to Consider Before Air Conditioning Replacement in Medford, NJ

So let’s say that your air conditioning system is no longer working and you need to seek air conditioning replacement in Medford, NJ. You wouldn’t simply just purchase any random system to replace it, right? Of course not, but that never stopped homeowners from falling into that trap. Replacing air conditioning without much thought to what system is truly the best for your property may be the worst choice you could possibly. You risk spending a huge amount of money that wins up just not being right for you!

Fortunately, Raynor Electric is here to ensure your next air conditioning replacement in Medford, NJ leaves you with a system that can meet your cooling needs. Our team of cooling experts wants to see you with an air conditioning system that keeps you and your entire family cool, especially when the temperatures rise. When you decide on the right system, we can install it for you quickly.

What Should You Know Before Air Conditioning Replacement in Medford, NJ?

Instead of jumping into the replacement process without much thought, you should consider:

  1. Sizing: Any licensed, fully-trained electrician will know to inspect your home before any installation work to determine what size of system would be needed for your home. An improperly sized system can either lead to it being ineffective in removing humidity from your home or frequently breaking down.
  2. SEER: Having an effective air conditioning system is one thing, but it’s entirely another to have a system that is both effective and efficient. Check an air conditioning system’s Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) to determine how much it will save you on energy bills. A modern system should have a SEER between 13 and 23 for the most energy-efficient performance.
  3. Cooling Needs: The amount of space in your home that needs to be cooled may have changed since the last time you replaced your air conditioning. This can have great influence over what type of air conditioning you install, as a larger system may not be the best choice if you simply don’t have enough space for it or don’t need as much space to be cooled.
  4. Benefits Beyond “Cool Air”: The number-one priority of replacing your air conditioning is improving cool air, but you need to consider how else replacement will benefit you. Other benefits include: improved energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness, long-term money savings, etc. What else do you hope to achieve with this replacement other keeping cool?

Contact Raynor Electric today if you want air conditioning replacement in Medford, NJ that will guarantee improved home cooling this summer!

3 Common Types of Air Conditioning Repair in Medford, NJ

Air conditioning repair in Medford, NJ is just as essential this summer as sunscreen. You may have the most reliable air conditioning system on the block, but that doesn’t mean it’s somehow not prone to breakdowns during the summer. Your cooling system can fail on you without a moment’s notice and now that’s we’re in the midst of the hottest time of the year, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Have you ever spent a summer without air conditioning? It is restless days or nights for all. You need to do your best in avoiding this fate altogether, and the best move is calling for professional assistance.

You can take comfort in knowing Raynor will be here for you at any time this summer to conduct air conditioning repair in Medford, NJ. Our team of fully-trained and licensed technicians handle any cooling repair thrown their way, so never be afraid to hesitate in calling us. They work quickly and efficiently within respects to your home, time, and money. They’ll even consult with you before any repairs are made to ensure you know of the path needed to be taken to ensure it all works out.

Air Conditioning Repair in Medford, NJ: How Can We Help You?

In our years of service, we have encountered some of the most complex and rarest air conditioning problems, but we’ve managed to fix every one. Though we’ve seen a lot in our travels, we find these 3 are some of the most common repairs we make:

  1. Poor Electrical Connections: There have been plenty of occasions where air conditioning problems can be boiled down to faulty wiring. This can be dangerous, as faulty wiring proves risky enough to cause an electrical fire. It can also prevent the system from getting full power and easily lead to circuit breaker trips.
  2. Frozen Evaporator Coils: Out of all the things you’d want frozen during the hot summer weather, evaporator coils are certainly not one of them. Coils can be frozen if filters are filthy or if refrigerant levels are running low. It’s generally more likely to occur when air flow is obstructed in some way.
  3. Refrigerant Leaks: Are you noticing any puddles forming around the area of your air conditioning? If so, it may indicate you have a refrigerant leak. If refrigerant levels in your system appear lower than usual, it indicates a leak in the system 9 times out of 10. Do not clean up refrigerant on your own, as it can be hazardous to your health. Instead leave it to a professional who would know what safety precautions to take.

Contact Raynor today if you need air conditioning repair in Medford, NJ and our team of licensed technicians will be more than willing to help.