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Advantages of a Kohler Home Generator

Unfortunately, major power outages can happen, but the worst is being stuck in your home without power. Portable generators can do the trick, powering your essentials, but they’re a very temporary solution and are major fuel guzzlers. It’s not just your comfort that’s at stake when your power goes out, but your food, water supply, and sump pump (nobody wants a flooded basement). Almost everything used inside your home relies on electricity, which is why it’s important to have a reliable backup source of power.

How a Home Generator Can Help You 

Owning a Kohler home generator is like adding some insurance to your home. There’s no telling when you’ll need a home generator, but you’re better off having one than not. Whether you go through installing a home generator to your house will depend on well you can tolerate power outages (whether they’re generally brief or extended), your budget, and your personal lifestyle. Households that rely on electricity to power medical equipment, live in an area with frequent and prolonged blackouts, or work at home and need uninterrupted power, should consider a home generator. If you’re considering a generator for your home, here’s how a home generator can benefit you.

  • They allow you to live comfortably. A home generator goes beyond powering a select handful of appliances; it powers your entire home so you can live comfortably. Having a home generator means you can continue to enjoy your air conditioning and heating, watch TV, or take a shower, without having to worry about your food spoiling or your basement flooding.
  • They can help with construction projects. On top of providing a reliable backup source of power, a home generator is a great asset to have if you’re big on major renovations and large projects. For any home upgrade or construction project, it’s generally cheaper to use a home generator to power your tools needed to get the job done. In fact, most contractors generally use a generator when constructing major home projects, because they’re easy to use.
  • They can help when the bigger storms hit. Unfortunately, certain regions are magnets for natural disasters. No homeowner wants a natural disaster happening in their backyard, but if a natural disaster strikes, you want to be prepared. It takes time for help to arrive. Having a home generator ensures you’ll have electricity until help arrives and the power comes back.
  • They can help in rural areas. Home generators are also useful for emergency farm use. Whether you live somewhere rural or suburban, storms and other disasters can bring your farming to a standstill. Having a backup source of power is extremely beneficial for farmers and gardeners alike, as it keeps all required electrical equipment working.
  • They protect your electronics. Power surges can be devastating, particularly for your most expensive electronics such as your computer, television, or stereo system. Your home is put at risk when a power surge occurs, as a power surge can overheat your electronics and start an electrical fire. On top of safety hazards, there’s the potential loss of irreplaceable data from your computer and the costly repairs, or worse, replacements. One major perk of having a home generator is that it protects your home from power surges when the power returns to your home.

Your Home Deserves a Reliable Generator 

No homeowner should have to deal with prolonged power outages, but they do happen unfortunately, and that’s why it’s important to be prepared. If you’re ready to get started, our team is ready to help you find a Kohler home generator that best suits your needs. We guarantee that every home generator is meticulously tested for quality from start to finish. Each generator is built with a commercial-grade engine that can withstand extreme workloads over several years, on top of coming with a five-year warranty. If it’s time to prepare your home, don’t wait for the lights to go out, call today.