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3 Warning Signs it’s Time for Breaker Panel Replacement in Medford, NJ

Attention: we have breaking news or, if we’re trying for a pun here, breaker news. The summer is here, and it may be the perfect time for breaker panel replacement in Medford, NJ. You need to make sure you have the safest electricity in your home this summer, and part of that is having your home equipped with a reliable breaker panel that will be able to meet all of your home’s electrical demands.

At Raynor Electric, we offer great replacement service on all things electrical, and your breaker panel is no exception. The last thing you want this summer is to put your family’s safety at risk due to a faulty breaker panel, and our team of electricians will be sure to supply you with a new one that guarantees greater safety for all.  We can inspect your current breaker panel to determine if replacement is necessary then take the proper steps to ensure your home as a breaker panel that will ensure that the only news you receive with your home’s electricity is good news.

Breaker Panel Replacement in Medford, NJ: When Should You Replace?
Please call Raynor Electric today when you notice any warning signs telling you the time is right for replacement, including:

  1. Hot-to-the-Touch Panels: Your breaker panel will soon feel hot to the touch once it becomes overheated. If you begin to notice this feeling becoming much more of a common occurrence, then you need to call for breaker panel replacement service immediately.
  2. Physical Damage: Your breaker panel will begin to show some wear and tear after a significant period of time, but it’s entirely another matter when that damage begins to prevent it from working to the best of its abilities. Dents, cracks, and even frayed wires may all begin to worsen if you do not seek professional service immediately to replace it.
  3. Older Homes: If you live in a home that’s older than 30 years old, you may be more likely to have outdated electrical fixtures that are struggling to keep up with your home’s modern electrical demands, including your breaker panel. The team at Raynor will replace breaker panels in homes of any age so no matter if your home is new or decades-old, you can count on us to provide you with service.

Contact Raynor Electric today if you need breaker panel replacement in Medford, NJ that will improve your home’s electrical performance!