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Why You Need Three Prong Electrical Outlets in Maple Shade

Check your outlets.  If yours have only two prongs, it’s time for an upgrade.  Here’s why…

Two prong electrical outlets are old fashioned, and not in a hip, vintage sort of way.  They are old fashioned in an outdated and unsafe way that may be harmful to you, your home, or your business.  Two prongs connect to two wires.  These wires are not grounded, so trouble can brew in the event of an electrical fault.  Since the 1970’s three prong outlets have been the standard for safety.  And no one wants to get stuck in the ‘70s…!

How do Three Prong Electrical Outlets Work?

The third outlet hole, or the round one below the other vertical slits, is called ground.  As its name suggests third, round hole acts as an electrical ground safety.  Grounding protects people from electrical shock.  Should a wire come loose inside an ungrounded metal case attached to a two prong outlet, the case will heat up and produce potentially fatal shocks.

At the end of the day, you always want properly grounded outlets.  Having anything else only poses unnecessary risk.

What are the Benefits of Three Prong Electrical Outlets?

Just so you know there is no electrical-related downside to replacing unsafe two prong outlets with three prong outlets.  Still not convinced?

 Here’s a list of some of the advantages and benefits of upgrading:   

  • Enhanced electrical power

  • Proper grounded reduces risk of shock and electrical fires

  • Greater electrical efficiency

  • Improved safety, safety, safety!


Learn more about how three prong outlet upgrades can help make your home or business a safer, more efficient place to be.  Contact the outlet experts at Raynor Services today!