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Whole Home Surge Protection in Cherry Hill, NJ

Keep Sensitive Electronics Safe From Power Surges


A client wanted us to install a whole-home surge protector in his home. This is a system of separate surge protectors located throughout a house that keeps sensitive electronics, such as computers and televisions, safe from extreme surges due to lightning.

Whole-home surge protectors divert spikes in voltage away from your wiring system into the ground. This is somewhat similar to how relief valves keep water heaters from building too much internal pressure.

The types of power surge protectors you can buy in stores can help when you have a minor change in voltage. However, they will be of no use if tens of thousands of volts are sent through your home. Even if a lightning strike doesn’t hit your home directly, it can still do damage if it is anywhere near your home. There are also some instances where major surges can be caused when nearby factories make a change in their electrical use, or when nearby power lines are downed due to high winds.

If you want the peace of mind that can come from having whole-home surge protection installed, call Raynor Services today!