t Water in Electrical Panel in Cherry Hill, NJ
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Water in Electrical Panel in Cherry Hill, NJ

Posted on November 19, 2013 by admin in Blog, Electrical, Safety Services



An Obviously Dangerous Problem You Don’t Want to Escalate


After a recent heavy rain, a customer found there was water in his home’s electrical panel that was located in the basement. The main feed coming into the electrical box splits into two feeds. Water found its way through the middle of the cable, dripped onto the main circuit, and went through all of the circuit breakers. No power had been lost when he called us.

This can be an obviously dangerous problem. If this happens to you, call Raynor immediately. If the outside electrical meter is poorly sealed, or you have a main electric service cable that is frayed, moisture can get into your electrical panel.

If the panel box and wiring have not been damaged or corroded, than the box may be salvageable. The source of the moisture will have to be properly identified and repaired so this problem does not happen again.

If you ever have moisture in your electrical panel, call Raynor Services immediately.