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The Importance of Generator Repair in Medford

Fall’s nearing its close and winter’s almost here. And that means that here in New Jersey, we’re all gearing up for the inevitable winter storms. If you’re a smart homeowner or business owner, you’ve already had a generator installed so you don’t have to deal with the usual power outages during the cold, dark months.

Signs You Need Generator Repair in Medford

However, generators need regular maintenance in order to keep working efficiently. And oftentimes, small issues slip by without the owner noticing, ultimately leading to a complete failure and expensive major repair. That’s why we’ve listed some telltale signs you need generator repair:

  • Most new generators are programmed to run weekly self-tests and send you an alert if there’s any problem. If your generator doesn’t have this feature, then you’re best advised to run manual tests yourself.
  • Damage to the exterior. Generators are often located outside and are therefore exposed to wind, precipitation and other elements that can damage them. Regularly check your generator for cracks, dents, loose elements and other problems.
  • This is a particularly hazardous problem since fuel and oil are highly flammable, and coolant is toxic for animals. If you notice any leaks, you need to address the issue right away.

Why Generator Repair in Medford Is so Important

It’s important that if you notice anything wrong with your generator, you get it repaired as soon as possible. First of all, having a professional repair it will effectively eliminate any hazards such as fuel leaks or exposed wiring. And second, no matter whether your generator is a backup for your home’s or your business’s power supply, having your generator in good working order will ensure a safe place where you can continue doing what you do without any issues. Consider the risks of a long-lasting power outage if you rely on electric heat in your home. Or the financial losses if your business can’t function for even a couple of hours! Clearly, getting your generator repaired is simply the smart thing to do.

To find out more about generator repair in Medford and schedule an appointment, call Raynor Electric today!