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Summertime Maintenance Tips From Your AC Contractor in Medford, NJ

With Raynor Electric, you can work with an AC contractor in Medford who’ll do their best to ensure quality air conditioning in your home. This is incredibly helpful in the summer, a time when you’ll rely on your AC the most to get you through the scorching heat. When you deal with Raynor Electric, you can expect upmost professionalism, swift service, and a dedication to meeting every one of your needs. There’s a few maintenance tips we can offer this summer to make sure your AC is operating at its best. We understand it’s not so cool when your AC isn’t working during the summer, so here’s a few pointers on how to avoid it!

Keep Your AC Clean

Let’s face it, your AC will get dirty. However, excess filth can hinder the overall performance of your AC. Clean your AC’s internal and external components frequently so it looks as good as when you first purchased it. Dirt, leaves, and various debris may be stuck inside your AC and create blockages that’ll prevent cool air from blasting in your home. A clean AC can mean the difference in the comfort of your home this summer.

Conserve Energy

Your AC may provide you with cool air in the summer, but it doesn’t need to be on all the time. Shut off your AC if the weather isn’t exactly the hottest. In these cases, it’s better and more cost effective to open a window to allow fresh air come into your home. Also consider turning on a ceiling fan, which may not deliver the same blast of air but will still keep you cool. The last thing you want is the AC to stop running the midst of summer’s hottest days, so conserve energy before it’s too late.

Inspect Coils and Filters

If you suspect there may be a problem with your AC’s internal components, it’s time to do a maintenance check. If you have central air conditioning in your home, check the AC’s filter, which needs to be replaced once every three to six months. A clogged filter can prevent cool air from flowing from the AC. Also check for dirty condenser coils inside the AC which can freeze coils in front of the unit. These inspections should be done frequently and often

If you would like any more AC maintenance tips, contact us and we’ll get you in touch with an AC contractor in Medford who’ll answer any of your burning questions!