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Stay Safe This Year With a Medford Generator Service

Living and working in Medford, you’ve probably seen some nasty storms or other scenarios that cause major power outages. And when you lose electricity in today’s modern homes, everything changes, including the dynamic of your family’s household. So to preserve the ability to provide safe electricity to your home, you need to make sure you keep your generator professionally serviced.

Led by our knowledgeable team of generator specialists, Raynor Electric provides you with any generator service you need in the Medford area, including replacements, new installations, and complex repairs. We also specialize in executing maintenance services year round, all around your schedule. You never know when Mother Nature is going to rear her ugly head on your electrical system.

Features of our Generator Services in Medford

Whether your generator needs a simple tune-up, fix, or if you’re getting one installed for the first time, our generator experts go the extra mile for you with these features of our generator services in Medford:

  • Around the clock and around the calendar emergency availability for any urgent generator problem
  • Discount pricing on repairs that aren’t covered by your warranty.
  • Scheduled maintenance tune-ups to make sure your generator is prepared for any situation
  • Overall inspection of your entire electrical system that cover testing for all the mechanical parts of your generator, such as switches and filters

Benefits of our Generator Services in Medford

As experienced, generator technicians, who live in the Medford area, we understand the community and the importance of your electrical system. Therefore we’re always excited to provide you with the opportunity to reap these benefits from our generator services in Medford:

  • Relieving any stress knowing you’re keeping your family safe from any electrical dangers during and after a power outage in your home.
  • Increased energy efficiency that will preserve your money.
  • Consistent and efficient power available 24/7, even after the toughest of storms.
  • Meeting and falling in line with all the proper generator safety codes in your area.

Pick up the phone and call Raynor Electric for all of your generator service needs in Medford today!