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Standard Generator Care in Elk Township

When your generator is on its last legs, a number of problems can occur.  One of the more common issues is noise: your generator, rather than operating silently, will hum and buzz loudly during activity.  Another is simple loss of function, as in your generator will not automatically turn on when your power goes out.  That means that, if a storm hits New Jersey and the power grid is knocked out, you could be without security, refrigeration, internet, utilities, phone lines, and even clean water!

This is why we strongly suggest getting standard care for your generator each year, just as one of our residential clients in Elk, New Jersey did this year just in time for the winter.

Raynor Electric technicians provide all forms of complete standard generator care.  So when the oil in this homeowner’s generator started to show some white residue, our fully-licensed and background-checked experts knew exactly what to do.  After our tech provided complete standard care, the source of the residue was found and solved, so this generator owner completely avoided disaster.

So what goes into complete standard generator care?

  • Part Inspection– Each moving piece of the generator needs to be checked for rust, greased, and replaced if necessary. Many parts make the generator work, and having one out of place can result in total shut down!
  • Oil Check– Using the wrong type of oil for your generator can cause functionality problems. Your should always have it filled with conventional mineral base oil.
  • Safety Adjustments– Our technicians are 100% certified to do code compliance checks for any generator in any Southern New Jersey home, so we can always make sure your machine is free from gas leaks, fire hazards, or any other issues.

The homeowner in Elk will have working electricity in the case of any blackout in this coming winter, which means he’ll never lose heat if the power goes out!  Do you suspect your generator might have an issue? Call Raynor Electric for the solutions today!