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Southern New Jersey Furnace Maintenance


Don’t risk having your heating system fail you in the middle of the New Jersey winter.  Having one of our expert technicians come in for a preseason tune up will prevent disaster, give you peace of mind, and ultimately save you money by avoiding costly replacement.

Our heating specialists are always prompt and professional, and they do everything that you need to have a safe, warm, cozy winter.

The Raynor Electric Maintenance program is:

  • Recommended by manufacturers
  • Guaranteed to extend equipment life, maintain peak efficiency, and prevent breakdowns
  • Affordable (see our preseason sales and act quickly)

When a Raynor Electric tune-up dispatch is sent to your home, you’ll receive:

  • A thorough check of your furnace
  • FREE proposals on home heating system replacement and installation
  • Same Day Scheduling
  • Friendly, Courteous Service

To prevent a costly and inconvenient situation, you need to make sure your furnace isn’t at the end of its life time.  If you haven’t had your furnace inspected in over a year, it could even be a safety hazard, as CO emissions and filter fires are possible if your furnace isn’t maintained.  Check out our current furnace specials and then call today!