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Why Should You Install Smoke Detection in Medford NJ?

The danger of fire in your home is a constant looming threat. It doesn’t matter how it starts, whether it’s electrical, accidental or via natural disaster, a fire in your home can lead to massive amounts of damage. If not found in time, a fire can lead to severe injury or even death.

Smoke detection in Medford NJ the first line of defense against fire in your home. However, not all smoke detectors are created equal. Battery operated smoke detectors are the most common, but the hard-wired smoked detectors are what our professionals at Raynor Electric recommend for maximum home protection. Hard-wired smoke detectors offer a host of benefits over their battery operated counterparts such as:

Battery Backup

Hard-wired smoke detectors offer a battery backup in their system in case of a loss of power, which is common during a storm or natural disaster which could lead to a fire. Battery operated smoke detectors offer no backup, and once the battery is dead it is up to the homeowner to remember and replace the unit.


Hard-wired alarms are all connected in your home, making a single unit of fire alarm safety. When one goes off, they will all go off, alerting everyone in the home of a potential fire hazard. Battery operated units work individually, and will only go off once smoke is detected per each individual unit.

Dependability and Maintenance

When it comes to relying on smoke detection in Medford NJ, dependability is a key factor. Hard-wired units last longer and are more reliable than their battery operated counterparts. When a battery operated alarm goes off, it will continue to sound until the battery is dead. If the battery is old, this length of time may not be long enough to alert the whole house. Hard-wired alarms will continue going off until shut off and guarantee maximum awareness of the fire threat. Additionally, maintenance is minimal on hard-wired alarms. Since they don’t need batteries replaced, once installed, they’re good to go and you can sleep soundly knowing your home is ready to warn you of fire hazards.

Smoke detection in Medford NJ is the first line of defense in your home against fire threats. When it comes to protecting your home and family, having an alarm system you can count on can make all the difference. For all your smoke detector needs in the Medford area, call Raynor Electric to install your first line of defense.