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Signs You Need HVAC Repair in Cherry Hill

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer by Recognizing Signs of Repair

Needing HVAC repair in Cherry Hill is never fun, especially when you’re in the midst of a particularly sweltering New Jersey summer or a freezing winter. That’s why it’s important to diagnose any potential HVAC problems before those temperatures start to rise or fall – that way, you can have your HVAC ready for the change in seasons.

Your HVAC is essential for keeping your home cool or warm. Think of your HVAC as your one-stop shop for all your home temperature needs: it consists of an air conditioner, a furnace, and various other parts that help make it run. What’s more, the HVAC also contains a filter that helps remove contaminants from the air, thus improving the overall air quality within your home.

To help keep your home’s air clean and perfectly suited for your ideal temperature, you need to recognize the signs your HVAC system is on the fritz.

Signs You Need HVAC Repair

  1. Check to see that the power is still working. It might seem like a basic move, but plenty of times repairing your HVAC simply comes down to checking if the circuit breaker has tripped. Check your service panel to ensure that your HVAC is powered up. If it hasn’t tripped, it’s worth turning the circuit breaker on and off. When turning the circuit breaker off, wait for about ten seconds before turning it back on (like you would with a wireless router).
  2. You may also discover that the fuse has blown or is broken. If this is the case, you may simply need to replace the fuse in order to fix your HVAC.
  3. If this doesn’t solve the problem, check to see if your thermostat is working. Oftentimes, batteries control thermostats; if the battery has run low, your HVAC might not be responding. Replace the batteries to see if that helps your HVAC power back on.

If none of these options helped, you should call on the experts at Raynor Services. Our professionals pride themselves on providing superior HVAC repair in the Cherry Hill area and beyond.  For more information on our HVAC repair and electric services, contact us today!