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Service Partner Plans for Heating in Medford, NJ

It’s that time of year again: the time where our technicians start going on the routine calls to our loyal Service Partner Plan customers!  All of our SPP members receive the benefits of heating and cooling maintenance on auto-pilot: each year as the temperature drops, their service plan include the dispatch fees for an annual furnace or boiler inspection, test, and tune-up.

Just last month, for instance, our technician Jim Carver performed a heating system tune-up for a home in Medford according to their SPP.  The service level agreement accounted for both AC season and heating season maintenance — meaning that this Medford homeowner’s HVAC system is prepared for an entire year of temperature control with no hiccups or break-downs!  Additionally, because of the deal this service plan includes, their maintenance includes FREE electrical.

What does the Service Partner Plan really include?  Well, let’s just take a quick look at what Jim did for our customer in Medford this September:

  • Performed heater tune-up
  • Inspection for all mechanical and electrical components
  • Carbon monoxide and other safety tests
  • Filter cleaning
  • Humidifier set-up

Customers who have a Raynor Electric Service Partner Plan have just one less thing to worry about as the seasons change.  They can enjoy their holidays without ever having to wonder if their furnace is going to belly-up right in the dead of the New Jersey winter!  That sort of peace of mind is something you can only get from Raynor Electric and only with our comprehensive and affordable care plans.  Are you interested in having the same form of total protection that this Medford homeowner does?  You can call Raynor Electric today to set up an SPP that will last for years.  To learn about the starting costs and discounted inclusions, call Raynor Electric — or go to — and ask about our Service Partner Plans today.