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Service Partner Plan Deals in Medford, NJ

Here at Raynor, we like when customers rely on us all year round.  That’s why we’re so excited about our Service Partner Plans!  The concept before these plans (the SPPs, as we abbreviate them) is that the fully-licensed and certified Raynor Electric maintenance team is automatically dispatched to our customers homes each year to do complete inspection and tune-up of the home’s comfort and utility equipment — namely, heating, air conditioning, and electric.

For under $100, you can have your entire central air, furnace, or panel annually reviewed by a professional from our trusted staff, giving you year-round peace of mind and convenience.  It’s an especially excellent idea for homeowners to look into right around this time of year, since furnace pre-season tune-ups are going to be due.  For homeowners looking to winterize their homes properly, you might as well buy into the Service Partner Plan for heating and have this same service provided at the same time each year on your furnace, boiler, or heat pump.  You can call today to schedule and sign on, and next year you won’t even have to think about tune-ups at all.  Auto-pilot tune-ups remove the risk of forgetting maintenance and save you the trouble of scheduling anew each year!

But it doesn’t end there.  Homeowners who purchase 2 of the three SPP packages, the third comes free — that means that your  entire home can be properly maintained at member rates every year!  That’s under $200 for complete, comprehensive service from our experts, including:

  • Heating – furnace tune-ups, boiler tune-ups, safety control adjustment, complete test
  • Air Conditioning – unit tune-ups, Freon refill, filter cleaning, complete test
  • Electric – safety checks, insulation checks, minor repairs, panel inspection, complete test

That’s a lot of service for that price!  And it’s not all.  Other services are included and factored in on a need basis.  Want to learn more?  Call Raynor Electric today to ask about our Service Partner Plans and start reaping all the benefits of regular, comprehensive, professional checks on your HVAC and electric each year!