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Replace Your Knob and Tube Wiring in Medford Before It’s Too Late!

If your home was built around 1880 and 1930, then you may still have to deal with knob and tube wiring in Medford.  Many homes in the 19th and 20th century were installed with knob and tube wiring due to there not being many electrical appliances. The wiring process involved electricians soldering wires together and splicing them inside the walls without the use of junction boxes. Since the wiring never touched wood structures or plaster inside a home, heat cause by overloads would dissipate in the air space between rafters.

However, over time, this wiring can gradually crumble and due to the increase in power demands from today’s many electrical appliances, knob and tube wiring easily becomes overwhelmed. This increases the risk of short circuiting and house fires significantly. Fortunately, Raynor Electric can replace your knob and tube wiring to keep your home safe as quickly as possible, but it’s best to do it before it’s too late!

Why Should You Replace Knob and Tube Wiring in Medford?

There are several benefits to replacing your old knob and tube wiring in Medford. Here’s what replacement from one of Raynor Electric’s many electricians can do for you:

  • A Safer Home: This is the most important benefit of them all. Knob and tube wiring isn’t just jeopardizing the quality of electricity in your home. It places the lives you and your family at risk due to the elevated risk of house fires. Our Medford electrician can replace knob and tube wiring with durable, more efficient wiring to give ensure improved safety in your home.
  • No Short-Circuiting: Knob and tube wiring can easily become overwhelmed by the intense electrical demands of your home’s appliances and raise your chances of experiencing short-circuiting, meaning you won’t be able to enjoy your appliances to their fullest potential. Replacement, however, will ensure you’ll get more electricity for a longer period of time.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: When you have knob and tube wiring, you’ll probably spend more calling up repair services to get to maintain it. But you shouldn’t have to spend all that money and time just trying to ensure working electricity in your home. With knob and tube wiring replacement from Raynor Electric, you’ll notice a considerable decrease in the amount of money you spend on repairs.

Contact Raynor Electric today to replace your knob and tube wiring in Medford and ensure a happier, safer home for all!