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Recessed Lighting Installation in Cherry Hill, NJ


An Energy Efficient Way to Add Ambiance to Your Home

A customer called wanting to have someone come out and install recessed lighting in his basement. This type of lighting is becoming very popular because of what it adds to a home. It’s a really nice way to change up any room and help certain features stand out.

If you never thought about recessed lighting before, you might after reading some of the benefits:

  1. Energy efficient: They run on lower voltage than other lighting choices.
  2. Versatility: They can be installed anywhere in the home with a flat surface and electrical access – sloped or vaulted ceilings, walls, under stairways, porches, and patios.
  3. Added ambiance: If you have a piece of artwork or architectural aspect you want to show off, these types of light are perfect for doing just that.
  4. Originality: You can design the trim (the visible portion of the light casing) almost any way you want. This makes your lighting different from someone else who has recessed lights in their home – an added uniqueness. You can have mirror-like reflective surfaces, simple metal or colored ring, and other decorative trim designs.
  5. Stay hidden:┬áBecause they are installed against a flat surface, you won’t have anything hanging down and getting in the way. You have lighting without a bulky light fixture.

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