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Signs You Need to Have Re-Wiring Done in Your Home

Having your home re-wired can seem like a daunting process.  It is, however, absolutely imperative for having a safe, modern home that you don’t operate with damaged wiring: a 2008 study by the U.S. Fire Administration showed that worn/failing insulation around electrical wires are the leading cause of electrical fires in the U.S., with 30% of these incidents being traced back to inadequately protected cords. With many of our competitors in the New Jersey area, re-wiring can be expensive, inconvenient, and an all-around unpleasant process for homeowners.

But residential re-wiring doesn’t need to be painful!  At Raynor’s Electric, we provide all forms of re-wiring service from GFCI (Ground Fault Interrupt Circuit) installation to switch replacement and so much more for a reasonable price.  For under $100, our expert technicians will do a complete safety inspection on your entire home so your family can feel safe 100% of the time.

We’re the electric experts, and we know everything there is to know about re-wiring and electrical system safety. To make sure your home is safe, we want you to be informed as well!  Here are some signs that your home may require our excellent re-wiring services right away:

The Problem With Old Homes

Here on the East Coast, a lot of homeowners are living in old houses, many of them 50+ years-old.  Unfortunately for the tri-state area, a house’s age is the first sign that it may need rewiring.  Why?  Older wires cannot handle the electrical load of a modern home.  With all of the new appliances the average American is running, charging, or otherwise taking up an outlet for, chances are that you’re putting a major strain on those deteriorating lines.  Older lines aren’t properly insulated, and they need to be replaced.  Don’t risk your family’s safety: call Raynor Electric today for a full-house inspection and get started being safer right away.

4 Symptoms of a House in Need of Re-Wiring

Other than having an old home, these are some signs you need a check-up sooner rather than later:

  1. Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

The job of your circuit breaker is to stop hazardous electrical leaks by shutting off the power as soon as electricity exceeds the number of amps it is supposed to handle.  If your appliances are constantly overheating, it could be a sign of system damage.

  1. Aluminum Wiring

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned that failing alumninum connections frequently overheat.  You can tell if your wiring is aluminum by looking at the wiring jacket for the “AL.”

  1. Discolored or Charred Oulets/Switches

If electricity is being released into the plastic of your outlets and switches, you’ll start to see burn marks.

  1. Burning Smell

If there seems to be a perpetual smell of something burning in any area of your home, it could be the fault of broken insulation on your wiring.   These issues are not to be taken lightly, as electrical fires can be extremely destructive as well as difficult to put out.

Don’t risk a devastating electrical fire for even one more day.  Call today for an inspection, and leave your rewiring to the best experts around.