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Preventive Tips for Generator Maintenance in Medford

Winter’s not quite over yet, so in order to minimize inconvenience during power outages, you need to keep your standby generator in good working order. That means you need to pay attention to generator maintenance in Medford. If you don’t make sure your generator functions properly, it can have all sorts of negative consequences, ranging from failure to provide electricity to your home to even hazardous situations that place you and your family at risk.

Generator Maintenance in Medford: DIY Tips

For most homeowners, a generator is a considerable investment. And that’s not surprising, because it’s important to maintain electricity in your home when the power goes out. However, just like you maintain every other investment, you need to maintain your generator to keep it in good working order. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep the area around the generator clean. Sweep out leaves, branches, cobwebs, and any other debris surrounding the generator.
  • Watch out for rodents. Especially if the generator is in an enclosed space, make sure it’s free of rodents. If necessary, set out bait or get a pest control company to do it for you.
  • Check the oil level. Make sure the generator has been off for at least 10 minutes; then check the oil level. Fill up the oil as much as possible.
  • Check the coolant level. If necessary, fill it up.
  • Inspect the exterior. Be alert to any signs of damage such as loose or broken parts.

Call Raynor Electric for Semi-Annual Generator Maintenance in Medford

Of course, maintaining a generator can be intimidating if you’re not a trained electrician. That’s why we offer comprehensive generator maintenance services for our residential customers. All of our electricians are highly trained and experienced; and they have in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of generators. They know how to perform general maintenance, including cleaning, filling up all liquids, tune-ups and the repair or replacement of broken parts. Plus, our trucks are always fully stocked, so you don’t have to wait days or weeks for the right part to be delivered. Find out for yourself how awesome it is to have an expert take care of your generator. Contact us today!