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Panel Upgrade Service in New Jersey

The brain of your home’s electrical system is your service panel.  Whether it operates with circuits or fuses, its primary function is to allow electrical current to flow to your in-use outlets and to prevent them from overloading.  A circuit breaker does this by flipping a switch to cut off current, whereas a fuse-box accomplishes the same task with fuses that melt when over-heated, effectively ending the electrical flow.  If your service panel is outdated or broken, however, it might not do its job properly, resulting in dangerous situations.  Electrical fires are a life-threatening risk, so it’s important to take preventative measures.

So when is it time for a service panel upgrade?

How much do you know about your service panel? If the answer is, “Not much,” you should have a Raynor Electric technician take a look.  It could mean preventing an electrical fire!  Some signs that you need to have your service panel checked out and replaced include:

  • Your Panel is Over 30 Years Old– When a service panel reaches that age, it becomes a major safety risk.  If your panel is over 50-years-old and you are in the New Jersey area, then you need to call immediately, because your panel was probably installed by the company Federal Pacific.  Panels installed by this company are particularly notorious for being fire hazards.
  • Repeated Power Surges – If your power has gone out multiple times this month, it could mean that your panel is not powerful enough to handle your modern home’s many appliances.
  • You Recently Purchased a Major Appliance – This is the modern age, and our technology is rapidly advancing.  If you’ve recently brought in a high efficiency washer, advanced refrigerator, or even an outdoor hot tub, you need to make sure that your panel can handle the added strain.

If your electrical panel is too old, too small, or otherwise unsafe, please call Raynor Electric to handle your upgraded replacement today!