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Panel Upgrade in Medford, NJ

Doesn’t it always seem like we’re adding new technology to our home’s year after year? Whether it’s better appliances, more advanced chargers, or more complicated technology such as computer hardware, the strain on our home’s electrical capacity seems to be constantly getting larger.

That’s the way that it was for one of our recent electrical clients in Medford. When the homeowner noticed that their electrical panel wasn’t large enough for the sheer amount of electrical tools being supported, they called Raynor Electric to have an additional panel installed to provide extra dedicated circuit space for the new items. They made the right choice!  Here’s why:

Reasons for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your home is able to supply only as much electricity as your electrical panel is capable of. If your electrical panel isn’t large or efficient enough to handle the electronics in use, well, that’s where you start to run into problems. Typically, the signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade for your home are:

  1. Lights Flickering When Large Appliance is Turned On
  2. Bulbs Burning Out More Quickly than Usual
  3. You Need Several Extension Chords and Adapters Just to Plug Everything In
  4. No GFCI Outlets (these outlets have a reset button between sockets, like the one in the featured image above)
  5. Frequent Power Outages From Blown Fuses/Tripped Circuit Breakers
  6. Appliances Have Shorter Lifespans
  7. Your Electrical Panel is More than 20 Years Old

Have you noticed any of these issues in your own home? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. See, modern houses are generally built with 240V available on the electrical panel — but older homes have just 120V! That’s because the electricians of prior generations didn’t realize just how much more electricity we would use for our appliances. Higher efficiency devices and advanced modern luxuries can fill up your old panel rather quickly. For instance, if you’ve recently installed a new refrigerator, heat pump, or hot tub, you’re going to want to consider an electrical panel upgrade. That’s because newer appliances generally use more electricity more efficiency to perform their functions.

This homeowner from Tabernacle realized that she didn’t have enough space on her panel to support her kitchen appliances — specifically a microwave and a dishwasher — so she had the Raynor Electric specialists install a subpanel to create some additional space. It’s a good thing, too! Having an overloaded electrical panel isn’t just detriminental to your appliances, it can also be unsafe for your family. If you require an electrical panel upgrade, don’t wait: call Raynor today!