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Outdoor Light Installation in Tabernacle, NJ


We know that our customers love their pets, and so does Raynor Electric!  The homeowners we serve in New Jersey are dog people, cat people, and every sort of people in between.  That’s why when we received a call this past August about installing a dog pen light in Tabernacle, NJ, we were more than happy to help.  Our technician arrived at the scene, as always, ready to problem solve and come up with the best possible solution to our client’s need.

Installing Lights in Your Yard

The first thing you need to know about installing exterior lights is that you always need to run electrical current from your existing appliances, meaning that our experts will be connecting those lights ultimately to either a generator or your electrical panel.  Our professionals will need to consider:

  • The amperage necessary
  • Distance to each power source
  • Your budget as a homeowner
  • Concealing the wiring

Never attempt an installation on your own!  The Raynor Electric professionals are licensed and well-trained so that you always get the job done right.  Amateur electrical work is dangerous, and the results are never worth the small-time savings.  This homeowner made the right decision by calling us to come in, consider these factors, and do the installation correctly the first time.

For this particular case, we needed to replace an existing post light with a higher amperage LED spot light, so that meant we needed a circuit that could support new strain.  Our technician noticed that the circuit leading to the homeowners hot tub was already 50 amps, and leading that circuit to the dog pen would be the easiest solution.  So he replaced the existing circuit with one capable of supporting 70 amps and routed that to the dog pen for a successful installation.

Raynor Electric experts are always courteous, professional, and determined to get you the right electrical fix.  If you need an outdoor installation done, call us today!