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Looking to Install a Kohler Generator in Medford This Summer?

It’s a competitive world out there, and we know your business can’t afford to fall behind due to a power failure caused by something as common as a severe thunderstorm this summer. So since your company relies on electrical power to drive your success, you need an efficient reliable source of backup power. There’s no product in this industry more efficient and reliable than a Kohler generator.

With our licensed and experienced professionals at Raynor Electric, we offer installation services for Kohler generators in the Medford. Kohler’s gas or diesel industrial generators will allow your business to continuing operating with a reliable source of power throughout the worst storms to stay ahead of your competition.

Features of Kohler Generators in Medford

Designed for your commercial property in Medford or a surrounding area, Kohler generators will upgrade your electrical system with the following features:

  • Proto-type and production tested, high-quality generator components
  • Short circuit capability
  • Outstanding voltage response
  • Corrosion-proof and self-ventilated construction with fungus-resistant epoxy and vacuum-impregnated windings
  • Aligns with these standards: NFPA 110 ( Level 1), NEMA MG1, EPA, IEEE, NSPS, and ANSI
  • Quality warranties that will last for years and cover your entire generator or just selected components – your choice

Benefits Kohler Generator in Medford

Our veteran electricians hold multiple licenses and certifications that they’ve earned through years of studying and working with Kohler generators. Through this knowledge and expertise, our professionals at Raynor’s Electric will install your Kohler generator for your office in Medford or a surrounding city or town, so you, your employees, and your overall business can bask in these key benefits:

  • Efficient and top-notch source of backup power so your company is able to continue operating at a high level during a major power outage
  • Conserve lots of energy and save some major cash with generators that are more energy efficient
  • Almost silent operation in case you’re hosting any events outside your building near your unit

Give Raynor Electric a ring so our qualified electricians can get to work installing your Kohler generator in Medford today!