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It’s Not Too Late for a Furnace Tune-Up! Tabernacle HVAC

You Can Still Improve Your Home’s Heat and Efficiency with Furnace Maintenance

Now that it’s 2015, you’re probably looking ahead to the new year and making all sorts of great resolutions to improve your life and your home…but don’t forget that winter isn’t over yet!

The most important part  of saving money and valuable heating energy for your home is to get your annual furnace tune-up. Professional maintenance can ensure that your utility bills stay manageable, that your house stays warm, and that your family stays safe. Skipping your professional furnace maintenance can cause you to lose efficiency and even create dangerous conditions in your home!

Furnace manufacturers all strongly recommend that you get your furnace inspected by a professional once a year, and sometimes your warranty depends on it. All of the following problems are a sign you need maintenance right away:

  • Imbalanced Heating Between Rooms
  • Higher Utility Bills
  • Constant Noises or Foul Odors from Furnace
  • Yellow Pilot Flame
  • Insufficient Heating
  • Furnace Not Reaching Pre-Set Temperatures
  • Soot, Dirt, or Rust Build-Up

It’s already January, if you haven’t already received a tune-up then you’ve been risking heating failure every day. Regardless, though, you should get a furnace tune-up from the experts every year — being late is no excuse! Especially since some furnace warranties will be voided if annual tune-ups don’t happen.

When you call to schedule a furnace tune-up appointment with us, our prompt and effective technicians will arrive at your home to perform the following checks:

  • Troubleshoot entire unit
  • Adjust safety controls
  • Oil any rusted parts
  • Perform a complete system test

If you’re noticing that your heating bills are higher than usual, that your rooms are unevenly warmed, that you’re not getting the heat your family needs to be comfortable, or even that your furnace is rather old and probably at risk of crashing this winter, don’t just live with the pain. Call us today!