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3 Signs You Need Home Rewiring in Medford, NJ

Your home’s wiring is like circulatory system of your body. While veins bring blood throughout your limbs, you home’s wiring brings electricity into every room, allowing you the ability to power devices throughout your house. Like how you should take care of your body, proper maintenance of your homes wiring is vital in keeping things working smoothly and lasting as long as possible.Eventually however, you will run into issue with your home’s wiring, because nothing lasts forever. Below we have listed 3 signs that you need home rewiring in Medford, NJ, and that it may be time to call in a professional for a wiring diagnosis.

  1. An Electric Buzz: If you hear a constant electric buzz or humming in your home, especially near outlets and switches, it’s time for home rewiring. As the wiring in outlets age, wires can become frayed and less efficient, resulting in a higher chance of fire in your home. Additionally, if outlets feel warm to the touch or show any signs of smoke or fire, call an electrical professional immediately for repair.
  1. Not-So-Bright-Lights: Dimmed lights can be a great home feature for ambiance or energy savings, but that should be your call, not the wiring’s. If the lights in your house frequently dim, flicker or go out, it’s a sign you need to consider home rewiring in Medford, NJ. Unreliable lights could be a sign of aging or frayed wires, and with the help of a professional electrician, can be back up to full brightness in no time.
  1. Three Prongs Are Better Than Two: Do the outlets in your home still have only two prongs for electric input? If so, it’s time for updated home rewiring. The older, two prong outlet style is extinct in current electrical remodeling, and all homes should have the newer three prong outlet variety installed. These newer outlets help protect you from electrocution by adding in a third “ground” prong, and are a staple of modern home safety.

If you live in an older home that hasn’t seen a visit from an electrician in ages, chances are, it’s time for some electrical home rewiring. For all your home rewiring needs in Medford, NJ, Raynor Electric can keep the power running smoothly with our professionalism and expertise.