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Home Re-Wiring in Trenton

Make Your Home Safer With Updated Wiring

Have you recently thought about remodeling your home and wondered what you were going to do with the electrical wiring you currently have in place?

Remodeling can be fun, but when doing so there is always the risk of running into electrical problems. If you live in an older home, you may have knob and tube wiring that needs replacing. Or, you could discover a live wire that a do-it-yourselfer or careless electrician hid behind a wall.

Anytime you come across these issues, remodel or not, it’s important that you have a trained, licensed electrician come out to re-wire your home.

Raynor Electric’s Home Re-Wiring Services

Here at Raynor, we want your home to run as efficiently as possible. That’s why we think electrical upgrades and re-wiring is sometimes necessary.

We can perform an array of re-wiring services, including:

  1. Knob and tube replacement: Knob and tube is an antiquated form of wiring that was popular up until the 1930s. Even if your home was built prior to that point, your appliances and electronic devices were not. They require much more power than knob and tube can provide, so it’s important that you have them replaced with safer wiring that’s up to code.
  2. Service entrance cable and meter socket installation: While it is the utility company’s job to meter the electricity that enters your home, it’s your responsibility to install and maintain the service entrance cable and meter socket. This is not something you should attempt to do yourself.
  3. Switch and outlet replacement: Whether you just want a new look and feel to the switches in your home, or the ones you currently have burnt out, Raynor can install brand new ones for you hassle-free. Switches and sockets that are burnt out can be a hazard, so it’s best to get them fixed as soon as you can!
  4. Ground fault circuit interrupters: Having GFCIs in your home is extremely important as they protect you and your family from burns or electrical shocks. They detect ground faults and stop a current if there is any dangerous change. These are especially necessary in kitchens and bathroom

These are just some of the many re-wiring services we offer here at Raynor Electric. Don’t attempt to try these projects yourself. To get one of our trained team members on the job, give us a call today!