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Finding the Right Heating System for Your Home

You definitely don’t want to have a breakdown in the dead of winter and have to scramble for a replacement.  The best course of action, then, is to be informed and have Raynor Electric do some regular maintenance so that, when the cold months come around, you can rest easy.  Our consultation is free, and we provide 24/4 phone service for any questions or emergency repairs.  What have you go to lose?

Staying informed is a crucial part of homeownership, as you no doubt already know.  Are you informed about the different types of heating systems and how they work to heat your home?  We offer free consultation, expert recommendations, and 24/7 phone service, so you can call for help anytime!  For now, though, here’s a brief summary of the differences of ASHPs (Air Source Heat Pumps), forced air gas furnaces, and electric furnaces.  Knowing the difference up front could save you money and time.

How They Work:

  • Heat Pumps- These units transfer heat from the outside to the inside of your building.  Similar to how your refrigerator uses a compressor and a condenser to absorb heat, your ASHP uses those tools to move heat from one place to another.  A properly installed ASHP is remarkably efficient, delivering 1.5 to 3 times more heat energy to a home than electric energy it consumes.
  • Forced Air Gas Furnace- In this type of system, air pushes your heat through ducts and expels it into rooms through vents.  This form of distribution is also very cost-effective and, better still, the installation of its vent system can be incorporated with central air for heating and cooling in one!  Though slightly more expensive to install and maintain, gas-power is a smart long term investment.
  • Electric Furnaces- Since it’s powered by electricity, this system is quieter and more durable than gas-powered options.    The installation is faster and maintenance is simple.  The only real problem is that the cost of operate exceeds that of other fuel-sources.

Call our electric professionals today to receive free, knowledgeable consultation.  Be prepared for when the winter hits with a new heating system and Raynor Electric!