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GFCI Outlet Installation in New Jersey

Are you familiar with the different types of outlets?

You may have noticed that some outlets have red and black “RESET” buttons in between the two sockets; generally, these buttons are vertically stacked between the outlet holes themselves. Most of your major appliances should be plugged into an outlet with these buttons — but why? What do they do?  Those buttons are part of a GFCI outlet, and you should already be introducing them into your home.

So what is a GFCI Outlet?

GFCI stands for Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter.  Essentially, these outlets are capable of shutting off the electrical current when they are overloaded.  They can then be turned back on in an instant, simply by depressing the “reset” button.  GFCI outlets are an extra safety feature, and it’s critical to have them for your major electrical appliances.

Here are some of the reasons you need to be installing GFCI outlets in your home:

  • Safer for your electrical system– When your wiring endures a major overload, it could blow out completely.  GFCI units can help you avoid costly repairs for wiring by cutting off the strain on your system before damage occurs.
  • Reduced risk of electrical fire– GFCIs make your outlets more stable.
  • Alerts when your wiring is fraying– If your GFCI is repeatedly shutting itself down, that’s a sign that your wiring needs work.  Catching wire problems early is key to preventing electrical fires.
  • Flood protection– There’s nothing quite as dangerous as when your basement floods and the water then goes live with electricity from coming in contact with your electrical outlets.  With GFCI security, you’ll be safe in case of a storm disaster.
  • Energy Conservation– You’ll no longer need to worry about your electricity leaking into unintended paths. This saves you wasted money on your utility bill.

Improve your home’s electrical safety and modernity by upgrading to GFCI outlets today.  Call Raynor Electric for more information about installation today.