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5 Tips for Generator Maintenance in Medford, NJ

Whether it’s powering your home or your business, you need to know that your generator is capable of providing you with efficient, uninterrupted service. It was built to withstand weather and other abuse, but a poorly maintained generator simply can’t offer you the kind of reliability that you need. Raynor Electric offers generator maintenance in Medford, NJ, and their top-rated services have been a part of the Medford community for the past 20 years. Generator maintenance is an important task that no one can afford to ignore. Follow these tips to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

  1. Check The Oil: Just like your car, your generator relies on oil to keep it working efficiently. When that oil gets dirty, it doesn’t do its job. If your generator is brand new, the oil should be changed after the first 20 hours of use in order to clean the system of assembly lube. After that initial oil change, it is recommended that you change the oil after every 100 hours of use.
  2. Use Clean Fuel: Fuel can become dirty if it’s improperly stored in a dusty area or if you refuel your generator on a windy day. Wind carries dirt, dust, and other particulates with it, and once they enter your generator, those tiny particles will wreak havoc on the engine. Avoid this problem by storing fuel in OSHA-approved containers and by never refueling in windy conditions.
  3. Keep it Clean: Dirt and dust will affect the generator’s function, and it’s important to keep the machine clean. Use a pressurized air supply to blow away dust and debris. Finish up by using degreaser and a clean rag to wipe away any excess grime.
  4. Lookout for Leaks: After your generator has been cleaned, inspect it for leaks. It will only take a small leak to cause serious problems, and the sooner you notice it, the better your chance is of being able to fix it. If you find a leak, first try tightening the parts that are causing it. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to enlist professional help.
  5. Trust Raynor Electric: Having your generator inspected on an annual basis is a simple way to add years onto its life. The electricians at Raynor Electric have been trained in all kinds of generator repairs and maintenance, and they’ll be able to spot potential problems before they turn into serious issues.

Your generator is a powerful tool that has a big job to do. It was built to last, but without proper maintenance, your generator will have a shorter life-span and cost you extra money on repairs and energy bills. Call Raynor Electric today to learn more about generator maintenance in Medford, NJ.