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Generator Installation in Medford, NJ

The time to worry about a power outage is not after the lights go out. It’s smart to start considering your generator installation options now before it’s too late – or, too dark.

Generac offers an array of different models so that you and your family can find the one that best fits your needs. The following list should help you decide which generator you will want to install:

  1. Guardian Series: This is probably the most popular Generac model out there. It offer 24/7 backup power protection for your home or business.
  2. CorePower Series: The most affordable generator on the market, the CorePower series has quiet performance and runs on whatever home fuel supply you have.
  3. QuietSource Series: Who said there couldn’t be such a thing as the strong, silent type. The QuietSource model is just that. This is the perfect generator for larger homes.
  4. Protector Series: These feature Code Ready – a set of preconfigured options for ready compliance with a variety of common municipal codes for diesel standby generators. Basically, with this generator, you will always meet the required codes.
  5. EcoGen Series: This is only generator out there engineered specifically for off-grid use. It’s affordable, low emission, and reliable.
  6. Centurion Series: The Centurion is another popular one among families. It offers Mobile Link, which is a way for you to check on your generator’s status even when you are away.

Decide which generator is right for you? Call Raynor today so we can help you install it!