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Generator Installation in Mays Landing, NJ

After our client’s home lost power during major rain a month ago, she decided that enough was enough!  She made the right decision by calling the Raynor Electric technicians in to install a whole-house generator.  They chose the perfect time, too: with winter just around the corner, it’s critical to have a back-up system to keep your heat and security going in case of a power outage.  Our technicians arrived at the scene and promptly began examining the household situation.  Having done some diagnostic work, they offered the customer some options.

Why do the diagnostics?  What are they checking for?

The amp capacity (amperage) of any home is liable to be different.  Older homes that haven’t updated their service panels in a while might supply about 60 amps, whereas most modern homes have circuits that are capable of 100 or more.  The reason that newer homes are being built with increased amperage is fairly obvious: the average modern family uses more major appliances at higher energy efficiency rates than ever before, and the wiring system needs to be able to keep up!  Generac brand generators are no exception, as these are powerful devices and the energy expenditure needs to be carefully calculated .  That’s why our installation experts will always check your service panel and make sure that you find the right product for you before launching into a generator job.

In this particular case, the wiring of the client’s home gave them the following options:

  • Install Whole House 10kw Generator
  • Install Whole House 14kw Generator
  • Install Whole House 20kw Generator.

Depending on the spatial constraints and usage expectations, the customer was able to reach a decision.  Shouldn’t you consider having Raynor Electric install a generator today?  Call today for a consultation, or go back to the main page of our website and download our e-Book Buyer’s Guide to learn more.