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Generator Installation in Medford – Never Lose Power Again

Generator installation in Medford can keep the power flowing through your home 24/7, even during harsh storms and rolling blackouts. If you’re looking to ensure you never lose power again in your home, then contact Raynor Electric for the best generator installation in the area. We provide Medford residents with high-quality generators that are top-notch when it comes to safety and economy. Not to mention, we offer unbeatable prices!

Above all else, the electricians at Raynor Electric install generators that won’t call it quits when the going gets rough. We believe all Medford residents deserve power in their home, which is why our installation is quick and easy. Here’s why you should consider Raynor Electric as your number-one installation service:

Generac Automatic Standby Generator Installation

When it comes to installing to a high-quality generator, the electricians at Raynor Electric recommend you install a Generac Automatic Standby Generator, one of the most powerful generators on the market. The Generac Automatic Standby Generator will keep your home shining brightly even in the darkest, most intense storm. It turns on when you need it and even provides your home with unlimited warmth during a frigid winter. When you enlist Raynor Electric for generator installation, we’ll install the Generac Automatic Standby Generator so you can have the latest innovation in home power!

Two-Year Warranties

At Raynor Electric, we’re all about giving our customers opportunities, especially when it comes to generator installation. We offer special two-year warranties on generator installation for all Medford residents. Our two-year warranty guarantees unlimited repairs and replacement on your new generator, so you’re never stuck with a failing generator again! We want all homes to be equipped with nonstop power, and our two-year warranty will keep homes across Medford shining brightly!

Power in Your Home 24/7

Most importantly, generator installation from Raynor Electric will ensure you have power in your home 24/7. We can replace your old, failing generator with a brand new one that will keep power running. It can be frustrating when you’re stuck with a generator that keeps failing, especially during times when you need power the most. Generator installation will not only ensure 24/7 power, but also ensure a happier home to keep you and your entire family safe.

Contact Raynor Electric today for generator installation in Medford! One installation can keep the lights on in your home year-round!