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Furnace Tune Up in Cherry Hill, NJ


Raynor Services’ Tune Up Checklist

You probably know by now that when fall arrives, it’s time to start thinking about your heating systems again. And that means calling in for your annual furnace tune up. It’s important to have it serviced at least once a year because it ensures that you won’t have any problems with it when the cold really starts to hit.

But you what you probably don’t know is exactly what Raynor Services will do during that tune up. Well, we want you to know so you can feel even more confident that we will leave you with a reliable and efficient furnace.

One of our technicians recently performed a maintenance check in Milford, and we want to share his checklist with you.

First, he had to get all of the information about the furnace so he knew exactly what he was looking for when checking it. He got the model and serial number, the age of the unit (in this case, it was 15 years old), the brand, the type of filtration, the filter sizes, and checked whether or not it had UV lights.

Here are the 11 points he checked on the indoor system, and then ranked whether the condition was good, fair, or poor:

  1. Inspect blower wheel and motor bearings
  2. Oil blower motor
  3. Inspect blower mount
  4. Tighten blower mount set screws
  5. Inspect wiring insulation
  6. Tighten electrical connections
  7. Chemically clean and disinfect accessible coil
  8. Vacuum inside of air handler cabinet
  9. Vacuum drain line and treat with algaecide
  10. Verify condensate pump operation, if used
  11. Verify float switch operation

Next, he checked to make sure the blower motor amperage, heat strip amperage, evaporator temperature drop, and supply air temperature were in the correct range.

He also had to make sure the thermostat was working properly and not causing any inconsistent heating problems. Finally, the technician inspected and performed eight more tasks to ensure the entire system will be in tip-top condition when he leaves the home.

  1. Add up to one pound of refrigerant
  2. Monitor thermostat operation
  3. Test safety controls
  4. Inspect ductwork from visible access points
  5. Inspect for mold and mildew
  6. Inspect air filters
  7. Inspect indoor air quality equipment, if used
  8. Apply paint protectant to unit cabinets

We don’t want there to be any surprises when you call us. And more importantly, we don’t want you to suffer through a cold winter because your furnace breaks down. We’re here to make sure it doesn’t.

For any furnace repair, installation, or maintenance you need, Raynor Services is here to help. Call us today!