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Signs that You Need Furnace Replacement in Medford, NJ

It’s already mid-February, but the winter feels far from over! The past couple of weeks have brought brutal cold for Medford homeowners — how has your furnace held up? If you’ve noticed any of the following, then it might be time for furnace replacement from the Raynor professionals:

  • Uneven Heating Between Rooms
  • Higher Energy Bills 
  • Loud Noises Coming from the Device
  • Thermostat Readings that Don’t Match the Real Temperature
  • Insufficient Heating

All of the above are signs that your furnace is on its last legs.

What do These Furnace Replacement Warning Signs Mean?

The lifespan of a furnace is between 10 and 15 years, but most warranties won’t last that long. If you start experiencing problems with a furnace that is more than a decade old, you’re definitely going to want to look into having a professional install a new heating appliance.


Because older furnaces don’t just have significantly lower efficiency rates — they may also have damaged or corrupted pieces that make them a serious safety risk. For instance, the heat exchanger in your furnace can pose a carbon monoxide risk if it becomes cracked or damaged. Carbon monoxide is also a risk in cases where filters haven’t been regularly changed or ventilation is otherwise obstructed. You can make sure that your home is protected from the potential threat of carbon monoxide poisoning by installing a modern high efficiency furnace to heat your home.

Furnace replacement from Raynor Electric will give you:

  • Better Heating (More Comfortable Winter Round)
  • Lower Heating Bills Each Month
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint (Eco-Friendly)

Plus, you won’t have to worry about furnace issues at all next year, since all of your heating problems will already be taken care of! Make sure that your family is safe and your heating system is built to last with a furnace replacement from Raynor Electric today!

Heat Pump Alternatives

Instead of replacing your old furnace, you might want to consider heat pump installation to improve the efficiency and affordability of your home. Heat pumps are essentially heating or cooling devices that, rather than burning fuel to generate warmth, transfer air from one area to another via chemical refrigerants and an electric motor. A heat pump can draw heat from the ground and distribute it throughout your home.

There are several advantages to heat pumps, including that they are:

  • More affordable
  • Simpler to maintain
  • Environmentally friendly

But the most important advantage of all is the fact that heat pumps are reversible, which means that they can heat or cool rooms depending on which way the coils are pointing.

Call Raynor Electric for furnace replacement or heat pump service today, and start saving money and living more comfortably year round!