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Furnace Part Replacement in Tabernacle, New Jersey

Your furnace is a complicated system with a number of important moving parts.  What are the components of a working furnace?  Last week, our technicians were called out on a trip to Tabernacle, New Jersey, where a home owner needed them to answer exactly that question.

With a gas-powered forced-air furnace unit, the heating method is fairly simple.  A pilot flame heats the air in the furnace to the desired temperature, which is then pushed through the ventilation in the home into every room.  Though it’s a simple process, a number of pieces need to work together to make it happen.  Here’s a description of each of those pieces: the Raynor Electric heating specialist know these pieces backwards and forwards, and we’d love for our clients to understand them as well!

  • Thermostat– controls the temperature pre-sets. This component tells the furnace what temperature the building needs to reach and alerts it when it is there.
  • Gas Pipe– sends in the natural gas, which is burned to create heat.
  • Pilot Flame– this heats the air. A pilot flame, or burner, should always be blue; if the flame is yellow, that means there’s an issue or contamination.
  • Heat Exchanger- transfers the heated gas to the air distribution system.
  • Ductwork– directs the heated air throughout the home
  • Flue– exhausts the byproducts of combustion. A faulty flue (or vent pipe) can result in poor air quality, which is why we always tell homeowners to call if there furnace creates an odor.

At this home in Tabernacle, we needed to install a thermostat and gas pipe for the homeowner in order to get the furnace working properly again.  Our fully-licensed technicians can usually solve any problem that your furnace has with efficiency or distribution by replacing, adjusting, cleaning, or otherwise fixing one of those six main components.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a furnace issue we can’t solve!  Call Raynor Electric for all of your furnace repair needs today.