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Furnace Maintenance in Cherry Hill, NJ

It’s the middle of winter, and hopefully you’re safe and warm in your homes each evening, perhaps enjoying some hot cocoa or decaf coffee by the fire. January can be nice if you do it right! Part of making sure that you are safe and warm all winter long, however, is to make sure you have access to the furnace maintenance you need. Has it been more than a year since the last time that you had your furnace serviced by a professional? Then it may be time to call the heating experts at Raynor Electric for affordable and efficient furnace maintenance service today.

Why? Because if you have an issue with your furnace, all of that winter relaxation comes to an abrupt end. Worse, your family’s health may be put at risk. Insufficient heating, uneven warmth between rooms, or even total furnace failure can really make you and your family miserable…and having a faulty furnace can even be dangerous! That’s because old furnaces tend to be serious carbon monoxide risks — contaminated or incomplete combustion creates poisonous gas byproducts like CO, which cannot be seen or smelled.

Is your furnace past its warranty? Have you been using the same heating system for your home since before you can remember? Furnaces have a life expectancy of about 10 to 15 years. If you are past or nearing that deadline, it’s time to call in a professional to tell you if your Tabernacle home needs furnace maintenance or even furnace replacement.

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

When you request furnace maintenance from the experts at Raynor Electric, you get:

  1. Peace of Mind– Most furnace manufacturers recommend that you get furnace maintenance at least once a year. This is because a lot can happen to a furnace over the course of the winter, and the best way to make sure that your furnace is operating properly and safely is to have a professional come in and perform a tune-up inspection.
  2. Energy/Money Savings– Old furnaces, like most old appliances, tend to lose efficiency over time. As a furnace collects dust, rust, and other contaminants, it doesn’t burn fuel as cleaning. This means you could be paying more for the same amount of heat month over month. If you start to notice that your heating bills are going up even though temperatures are staying the same, furnace maintenance can help you lower those costs!
  3. Better Heat– Of course, when you call Raynor Electric for a comprehensive inspection of your furnace and have all of your heating and safety issues sorted out, the main benefit you can count on is that your home’s heating system will perform better all winter long.

So don’t wait until you experience furnace failure to have a professional inspect your old furnace — call the professionals at Raynor Electric for furnace maintenance today!