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Furnace Maintenance in Camden County

New Jersey Winters don’t mess around.  Remember the whole “polar vortex” fiasco?  We at Raynor certainly do!  in fact, we performed quite a few emergency furnace repairs last year, even a couple of replacements: not so pleasant to have to do in the middle of winter.  You definitely don’t want to be caught in the cold this year, so why not call us for a furnace check-up before the problem starts?  We’re pretty sure the folks we did emergency service for last year were wishing they had!

4 Checks Every Furnace Tune Up Must Include

Raynor Electric has a comprehensive tune-up program that will give you the peace of mind you need for this upcoming winter, and we’re offering sales now, such as $47.50 off any furnace repair after diagnostics.  But that’s only one of our many deals, since, after all, preseason check-up are so critical.  We want you to be warm and feel safe during the holidays, so look into tune-ups now.

But don’t go too fast, because there are some things you need to know about how a furnace tune-up works.  You always need to have a licensed technician perform the inspection: that’s a given.  But even beyond that, there are some things you should expect that not everyone provides, yet are absolutely critical to a safe and effective tune-up:

  • Check and Clean All Ventilation/ Exhaust- Build-up in your chimney or vent pipe can spell disaster if it should catch on fire.  If you haven’t had an inspection in a year or more, you need to have your filters cleaned!
  • A Carbon Monoxide Test- Your furnace’s exchanger produces heat through combustion, and CO fumes are a naturally occurring part of that process when it is incomplete.  That’s why a furnace that isn’t properly installed or maintained is a carbon monoxide risk.
  • Safety Control Adjustment- All safety controls need to be recalibrated and wiped down to ensure that they are operating properly and efficiently.
  • Furnace Cycle Check- Before the technician leaves, he has to run the furnace once to make sure that everything is working properly.

And these are just the bare necessities.  You can read more about our furnace tune-up process here.  Make sure that your home is prepared for the cold season  with a preseason tune-up, and make sure that tune up is done right by choosing the Raynor experts.  Call today!