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Furnace Installation in New Jersey

Tired of your household having poor heating but high utility bills?  This is a frustration that many homeowners in the New Jersey (and all throughout the tri-state) area have to deal with when winter rolls around, since the older homes on the East Coast came with antiquated heating systems that lack the efficiency of modern units.  If you have an oil heating system, you should absolutely consider upgrading to natural gas: the less expensive, more cost-efficient, and more environmentally friendly fuel-source for old and modern homes alike.

However, the installation of a natural gas-powered radiant heating system can be expensive, and the technology is not compatible with all homes.  Is there an alternative that will still reduce your carbon footprint and increase your heat’s effectiveness?

The Advantage of Forced Air Furnaces

With an electric forced-air furnace, you’ll start to see similar savings to the radiant system, but there’s one major advantage: you can combine your heating and air conditioning into a singular system.  The duct work can be used for both purposes: warm air to heat your main rooms in the winter and cool A/C air for the summer.  You can effectively create an entire HVAC system with the same ventilation, thus conserving your cost of initial installation and improving your heating system efficiency to save you money for many winters to come.

So,  when you have Raynor Electric install an electric forced-air furnace, you get:

  • Better Heating for Less Money
  • A Comprehensive Heating and Cooling System with No Additional Ductwork
  • Smaller Household Carbon Footprint (from fewer emissions)
  •  Installation that Pays for Itself Faster

There’s really no reason not to call for a consultation today and learn how forced air heating can help you.  A Raynor technician will tell you exactly how much you stand to gain!  Call Raynor electric now before the winter sets in, so you can enjoy a speedy installation process and a cozy NJ cold season this year!