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3 Common Causes of Flickering Lights in Medford, NJ

Few things are more annoying than a flickering light. The repetitive flashing can be extremely irritating to the eye, and it’s often difficult to identify what’s caused the problem in the first place. If you’re a homeowner dealing with a dodgy light, it’s worth checking to see if the problem can be fixed on its own — and if not, identifying the issue will at least help you contact a professional who can solve it. Here are 3 common causes that might be behind those pesky flickering lights in Medford, NJ.

  1. A bad connection between the light bulb and socket: Sometimes, things are as simple as a bad connection — if a light bulb isn’t firmly placed in its fixture’s socket, you’re likely to deal with an annoying flicker. Tightening the bulb could work in this case, but if either the bulb or the fixture in which it’s being placed are damaged, you may need to replace or repair one of them.
  1. Powerful appliances hogging all the electricity: If your lights flicker when one of your appliances turns on, you’re not alone — this is a common problem that many homeowners deal with, and it’s just a side effect of having multiple sources trying to use a limited amount of electricity at once. This is especially true if you’ve got a powerful air conditioning system. Having your electrician install a “soft start kit” can decrease the amount of electricity your AC uses up at once, ridding you of that annoying flicker.
  1. Main electrical panel problems: If you’ve got lights flickering throughout your house, not concentrated in a single location, it’s important that you call your electrician right away. This sort of thing is generally due to a problem with the main electrical panel, which could lead to problems a lot worse than just a flickering light or two — in the worst case scenario, it could actually trigger an electrical fire.

Don’t put up with this irritation any more than you have to — a simple visit from your local electrician can rid you of those obnoxious flickering lights in Medford, NJ. And if you want the absolute best electrical service, you should call Raynor Electric: they’ll get the job done right the first time.