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Fan Replacement in Turnersville, NJ

When old technology breaks, it’s always a hassle…but it’s also an opportunity to consider new, improved, and more durable means of replacement.  At Raynor Electric, we try to look on the positive side of every breakdown as we make absolutely sure that it doesn’t happen to you again.

This past August, we received a call about a broken attic fan.  When our technician arrived at the site, he discovered that the broken fan was such an old-style model that most of the parts were out of production.  The not-working device had a motor that was too small for standard replacement.

Why is this so frequently the case?  The main reason is that, as energy efficiency standards increase nationwide, manufacturers and homeowners alike need to keep up.  It’s possible that the old motor was below appliance guidelines for energy efficiency, which would be why the new motor would be slightly larger.  Rather than continue producing obsolete, undesirable product parts for the occasional replacement, they simply change the sizing altogether.

So the homeowner was given two options:

  • Replace the blades and motor (if possible) with old parts
  • Install a complete attic fan for about 35% extra

What would you do?  A motor replacement would take a while, as the part would need to be ordered specially, if the technician could even find a vender.  When it inevitably fell apart again, the whole process would need to be repeated anyway!  At Raynor Electric, we feel the homeowner made the correct choice by simply having the replacement done.  Within a day, their fan was operation again and their attic was nice and cool.

Remember, being an SPP member will earn you rewards on this kind of work.  Call Raynor today for help with your old appliances and consultations on how to get new ones at affordable pricing.