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Energy Saving Tips from the Raynor Electric Experts

Ever wonder how much electricity your home uses in the average day? Most New Jersey homeowners wind up wasting energy and paying too much on their electric bills simply because they don’t know what appliances are using what kind of power. Our electrical experts at want you to know how you can save energy and pay less for electricity this year, all while getting the same or improved electrical performance! If you need an electrical upgrade, a lighting repair, or even emergency service, call the experts at Raynor Electric today!

The 5 Ways to Save Energy With In- Home Lighting

Having better lighting while saving money on energy is easy. In fact, you can start making your home more efficient and affordable today! Just follow these 5 simple tips to improving and streamlining the energy usage of your home:

  1. Make Sure You Use the Right Bulb– It seems simple, but it can actually be rather difficult to make sure you’ve matched the right bulb to the right lighting fixture. When you’re replacing a bulb, check the fixture itself for the correct wattage to use, rather than just relying on what it says on the bulb. It’s possible that the wattage has been incorrect for a long time!
  2. Install Motion-Detector Lights Outdoors– Outdoor lights only need to be on when you’re outside at night. Using motion detector lights ensure you save money on lights you aren’t using, and they can add to the security of your home by alerting you when people or animals are on your property late at night.
  3. Scheduling Lighting With Timers– Most lighting timers attach at the outlet and can be set to turn on in the mornings and when you come home for the day.
  4. CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) Bulbs– Compact Fluorescent light bulbs save about 70% of the energy normal bulbs waste, and they provide just as much light!
  5. Place Lights in Corners– Lamps that are placed in corners reflect light off of two walls instead of just one, which makes your living spaces appear better lit and extra cost.

The technicians at Raynor Electric will be giving more electrical energy saving tips in the next blog, so stay tuned! Call Raynor for lighting upgrade or other electrical work today.