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More Energy Saving Tips from the Raynor Electric Experts

In our last blog, we discussed some suggestions for how to save energy, reduce your home’s electrical bills, and get the same or better lighting for your home. This time around, we want to talk about some best practices for making sure you get the absolute most out of your electrical appliances.

You might not even realize just how many electrical appliances you rely on in your home for your daily routine. Morning, noon, and night, people are plugging in, charging up, and tuning out with their electrical products — and the result is more waste and significantly higher electrical bills. But you don’t have to limit your usage to save money and energy! All you need to do is follow some simple best practices for making sure that you get the most from your appliances while their turned on.

The experts at Raynor Electric want to help! Here are some tips we’ve put together to help you ensure you aren’t paying too much or wasting energy to go about your day. Save money and live better with Raynor — call for efficiency upgrades and electrical repairs in your Medford home today.

The 5 Ways to Save Energy with Appliances

You need electricity to get through your day, and you need your electric appliances to be reliable, efficient, and safe. Here are 5 tips on how to guarantee better performance and lower energy spend from your home this year:

  1. Set Your Fridge Temperature Between 30 and 42°F– Not all refrigerators have a responsibly set factory setting. If you notice that your current refrigerator is set at below a freezing temperature, or that your food is getting too cold/collecting frost in the fridge, find the adjustment switch and (if you have one) adjust it to the power-save setting.
  2. Take Out Batter Chargers– When your phone or laptop has reached maximum battery power or if your charger isn’t connected to anything, take it out. Many chargers continue to use electricity while plugged in even when they aren’t connected to an electronic.
  3. Let Your Dishes Air Dry– Turn off the dishwasher after the rinse cycle when possible and allow your dishes to air dry. You’ll save energy and prevent the dishwasher from heating up the kitchen too much in the summertime.
  4. Use a Surge Protector– Plug all of your electronics, such as computers, phone chargers, printers, music players, etc., into a power strip. Turn the power strip off when the items are not in use. This not only protects your electronics from potentially damaging surges but also saves money by conserving it on appliances not in use.
  5. Match Pot Size to Burner Size– Ever wonder why your stove-top burners are different sizes? This is actually a feature for saving heat energy! Using a small pot on a large burner wastes energy, whereas directly matching the sizes maximizes efficiency.

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