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Electrical Services: The Raynor Way

When you need an electrician in Medford, you need professional service that won’t let you down. What’s more, you need a reliable electrical service that will provide you with the results you need the first time around – and all at an affordable price.

Think this is an impossible mission? Not to worry: Here at Raynor Electric, we make it easier than ever to find that electrician in Medford you’ve been searching for. Get ready to introduce yourself to the “Raynor Way” of getting the electrician you need, at a price you can afford!

Why Choose Raynor Services

Other Electricians:  Other electrical services will base their customer service on how large your project is. If you call for a simple project, it’s likely you’ll get put on the back-burner for another customer they deem to be more lucrative.

The Raynor Way:  Whether you have some minor work or you need extensive repairs, there’s no job too large or small for us to tackle. You’ll feel like a valued customer – because that’s what you are!


Other Electricians:  Other electric services only approach your project with the idea of completing just that. Even if your electric problems were caused by a root problem, they might not take the time to investigate it. This leaves you vulnerable to additional electrical issues.

The Raynor Way: Our friendly and professional electricians in Medford completely investigate the reasons why your electrical problems are occurring in the first place. This way, we not only take care of your current project – we ensure you’ll never experience the same problem again.


Other Electricians:  When the other electricians work on your home electrical services, they’ll cut holes and create messes that they have no intention of cleaning up. In fact, you may even need to hire a contractor to take care of the mess they left behind.

The Raynor Way: If we need to cut holes in your home, we’ll fix it up as soon as we’re done. What’s more, we’ll carefully match our work so that it perfectly blends in with the rest of your home.


At Raynor Services, we pride ourselves on providing superior electrical services in Medford and beyond.  For more information on hiring our electricians in Medford, contact us today!