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Electrical Panel Safety in Medford, NJ

How much do your know about your home’s electrical panel? Most homeowners don’t pay very much attention to their circuit breaker or fuse box, but understanding these devices is critical to your safety as a homeowner. That’s because you electrical panel is the number one line of defense standing between you and electrical disaster.

Every year, over 40,000 American homeowners experience electrical fires in their homes. These fires spread rapidly and are extremely difficult to contain. One of the leading causes of electrical fire in the residential U.S. is electrical panel failure.

That’s why it’s so critical to know the warning signs of electrical panel failure! Proper electrical panel safety starts with recognizing when you need to call in a professional from Raynor Electric services for panel restoration, upgrade, or replacement. This week, we’re going to go over all of the ins and outs of electrical panel safety, starting with the reasons you should look into electrical panel service from your local Medford experts at Raynor Electric today.

It May Be Time for Panel Service If…

There are a number of warning signs to be aware of before an electrical panel needs to be upgraded or replaced. If any of the following issues apply to your device, call today!

  • Not Enough Outlets-Between charging phones and plugging in computers and powering larger high efficiency appliances like HD TVs, our homes need more outlets than they ever did before. If you’re noticing that your home never has enough outlets for all of your devices, you may need an electrical panel upgrade. A professional can add more circuits to your panel and more outlets for your home.
  • Frequent Power Surges– Do you have flickering lights? When you power on larger appliances, do the other lights in your home dim or weaken? How often do you experience power surges because too many people are using electricity at once? Don’t just ignore these inconveniences, as they could be a sign that something in your electrical panel is not adjusted for the amperage of your home.
  • Electrical Arcing– “Arcing” is the technical term for electric discharge. When an electrical panel is overwhelmed, current can be shot off through nonconductive media such as air. You’ll see blue sparks and hear buzzing — and if you get too close you’ll might be electrocuted! Arcing, even infrequently, is a severe malfunction and needs to be immediately addressed by a licensed technician.
  • Over 20-30 Years Old– If you have an electrical panel that was installed when your home was built, chances are fairly high that it’s time to get an upgrade.

Don’t risk electrical fire. Call the experts at Raynor Electric for electrical panel inspection, upgrade, restoration, or replacement service today!