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Electric Stove Outlet Installation in Cherry Hill, NJ


What’s the Difference Between Hardwired and Cord and Plug Appliances?

This customer called because he bought a new electric stove and wanted it installed. However, the current unit that he is has is hardwired so not only does he need help installing the stove, but he needs the correct outlet and plug installed as well.

First off, what is the difference between a hardwired appliance and a cord and plug appliance? Just as it sounds, a cord and plug connected appliance have a cord with a molded plug that is installed on the unit itself. The appliance, then, is ready to be plugged in. Typically the appliance, in this case a stove, is going to be in a permanent location so the outlet to which it is connected will be installed close to where it will be.

A hard wired appliance is one where the wiring attaches to the unit itself in a more permanent way. Long story short, it doesn’t plug into an electrical outlet, but rather works internally.

In order for the aforementioned customer to use his new electric stove, the outlet and plug combination need to be installed in his home.

If you need an electric stove outlet, or any other outlets, installed in your home, call Raynor Services today!