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Electric Safety in Mount Laurel

How To: Stay Safe if Dealing with Water Damaged Electrical Equipment

There’s no denying that Hurricane Sandy changed the way homeowners approached electric safety in Mount Laurel. Thanks to rising flood waters and subsequent water damage, homeowners found themselves vulnerable to a number of dangers from water-damaged equipment. Issues of electric safety in Mount Laurel became such a pressing issue that the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) and the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) handed out their safety guidelines for homeowners.

Here at Raynor Services, we’re committed to helping homeowners establish electric safety in the Mount Laurel areas and beyond. That’s why we’ve compiled a basic list of how you can stay safe when encountering water-damaged electrical equipment.

Electrical Water Damage Safety Tips

  • Know the factors that indicate you’re dealing with water-damaged electrical equipment. Take a look at the extent of the water damage, as well as the effects of water damage over the long-term. Examine the effects of contaminants and corrosion as a result of exposure to water, as well as the overall age of the equipment.  This can give you a better idea as to whether or not you should replace your electrical equipment.
  • Recognize that electric shock and fire hazards aren’t your only worries; you should also focus on any chemical and biological dangers associated with this water damage. That’s why it’s important to call in a third party like Raynor Services, as we can help you safely recondition your water-damaged electrical equipment. Only Raynor Services can provide you with the appropriate quality inspections you need to ensure electric safety in your Mount Laurel home or business.
  • Turn to a professional electrical service for any temporary replacements to critical electric equipment. This is especially important for keeping your family safe, as many health hazards and fatalities occur from improper use of temporary electric equipment. For example, many families have suffered as a result of using a gas generator in an enclosed home due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The professionals at Raynor Services can help ensure that your family is safe and sound when using temporary replacements for your electric equipment.

Raynor Services is located in Southern New Jersey. Our professionals pride themselves on providing superior electric safety in the Mount Laurel areas and beyond.  For more information on our electric safety services, contact Raynor Services today!