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Electric Boiler Repair in Southampton, NJ

Electric powered heating systems are great for a number of reasons.  First of all, they have one of the best efficiency ratings for any energy source — right up there with natural gas, America’s domestic and most popular current resource.  They are, as a result, better for the environment and typically far less expensive.

However, when something goes wrong with your electric panel or if the power gets knocked out, you could be without heat for a little while…unless, of course, you call the Raynor Electric professionals right away.  That’s what one homeowner in Southampton did this past September, and as a result, they found themselves back up and running in no time at all.

Our electrician, Phil, arrived on the scene promptly.  The issue was that they had a dead short on the breaker for their boiler.  After a brief diagnostic, Phil discovered the broken short and quickly did the fix.  This required that he:

  • Test each boiler breaker to find the right one
  • Isolate the short to the boiler
  • Help the homeowner invoke their service contract to have the replacement covered by the boiler company

That’s right: Raynor Electric can guide you through the motions required to capitalize on confusing warranties and contracts.  As the experts in the electrical and heating fields, we know there’s no problem we haven’t seen before, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you take advantage of every possible discount at your disposal!

So if you have an electric boiler, let us check your service contract.  We also do boiler maintenance, repair, and replacement: depending on your warranty, we may even be able to get that equipment for free!  Call Raynor Electric today to help you make sure that you stay warm, safe, and in control this holiday season and all year long.