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Do You Need an HVAC System in Medford?

If your home is always uncomfortably hot during the warmer months, then it might be time to install an HVAC in Medford. Let’s face it: summers in New Jersey can be extremely hot and humid, and regular room fans or window AC units usually don’t provide enough relief. Even if you have an existing HVAC system, it could be old and outdated, resulting in less than optimal cooling in your home.

So what are some considerations you should take into account when deciding whether to install a new HVAC system?

  • Does ventilation alone fail to cool your home effectively? In the heat of the summer, open windows and doors, as well as ceiling and pedestal fans offer some cooling, since they move the air around in your home. However, their cooling capacity is limited and they don’t address humidity.
  • Do you have window or wall AC units? If you have window or wall AC units in your home, you probably have adequate cooling. However, these systems are less effective than central air systems when it comes to improving air quality and humidity. In addition, if they’re not properly installed, they can waste a lot of energy, resulting in high energy bills.
  • Is your existing HVAC system failing? If you’ve only had your system for a couple of years, regular maintenance should address any functionality issues. But if you’ve had your AC for a long time, problems can indicate that you need to upgrade to a newer, more efficient product. Unusual noises, musty odors and accumulation of dust can all signal that your AC is failing. And of course, if the system fails to cool quickly and effectively, it’s most likely broken and needs replacing.

If you decide you need a new HVAC system, call the experts at Raynor Electric. Why delay, when you could be breathing easier in the comfort of your own home today?